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speige commented Dec 8, 2013

Keep an extra REPL process loaded in the background so when a user requests a new REPL tab, it can be shown immediately.

Consider separating the textboxes for the prompt & results so that prompt can show immediately, even if the runtime is still loading.

@frankhale frankhale was assigned Dec 10, 2013

nREPL needs to be considered if/when it ever sees the light of day.

speige commented Mar 4, 2014

The main cause of the repl loading speed is the fact that the ClojureCLR runtime itself starts up slowly. This is true for all ClojureCLR executables. It's also the reason I have MetaData.clj load in a separate background thread in ClojurePackage.cs.

Ideally, we'd see if there's anything we can change in ClojureCLR to make it start up faster. In the meantime, I thought we could do a workaround by having it pre-loaded before the user asks for it.


Yeah yeah, no worries. I hear ya! I can't wait for nREPL to be working because that'll mean we can connect to a networked REPL instead of spinning up our own. Eclipse's REPL uses nREPL.


Will reopen once this becomes a priority

@frankhale frankhale closed this Aug 22, 2014
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