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VS 2013 Dark Theme Problems #91

johnjelinek opened this Issue Dec 10, 2013 · 5 comments

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The syntax highlighting doesn't look good in the dark theme:



I'm currently looking into this now.


It looks like the colors are hard coded in ClojureExtension.Editor/Classification/ClassificationFormat.cs. This is probably not ideal since it does break when switching from the Light to Dark theme. The Light theme works fine and looks good. I'm only speculating but maybe we can call an API to figure out what theme is set in VS and then switch accordingly. Additionally I'd like to see these colors broken out into some sort of config file that could be tailored based on a users preference.


I've labeled this a bug and an enhancement due to the unconfirmed fact that the colors are hard coded and that we'll need an enhancement to the current code to be smarter given the context of the current theme set in Visual Studio. How that shapes up ultimately is up in the air at the moment. If anyone knows an API in the VS SDK that will provide the current theme ["Light", "Blue", "Dark"] that would be helpful. I think at the very least we need to react accordingly to what Visual Studio is set to. Beyond that we need to provide a consistent mechanism that would allow easy theme modification but I'm not sure how that'd jive with the Import/Export settings facilities currently in Visual Studio. Any help is welcome!!!

speige commented Dec 11, 2013

I think you're right, the colors are probably hardcoded.

I believe the themes modify Environment/FontsAndColors settings. We should switch to read from these settings. We'll probably only need the ones for Text Editor. I think each setting (Plain Text, Selected Text, etc has an Enum). If we use those, instead of hardcoding, it should make any theme look correct.


All of the examples I've come across for language highlighting show this hard coding of colors. I haven't found an example which pulls colors from the Tools->Environment settings. Perhaps the Python tools do this, their plugin seems to be extremely polished and it's open sourced so it may behoove us to look at it.

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