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base fork: vsadkov/shogun
head fork: vsadkov/shogun
Commits on Apr 12, 2012
@pluskid pluskid Unfinished, commit for switching to other work temporarilly. 1e035a3
@pluskid pluskid The first compilable version of LARS. c9c85ff
@pluskid pluskid minor modification to fix compile warnings in io. 05cfcd2
@pluskid pluskid A basic working LARS (Lasso), verified on simple case. 4cba3b9
@pluskid pluskid LARS: fix a bug on using wrong vector. fdedccc
@pluskid pluskid LARS: fix a stupid bug, wrong impl of manual mat multiplication. eb301b8
@pluskid pluskid Remove some debug code. 35efeb2
@pluskid pluskid rename LARS to CLARS df8f4df
@pluskid pluskid LARS: Refactor activate/deactivate function. 4241b19
@pluskid pluskid LARS: refactor cholesky updating procedures. 7498b62
@pluskid pluskid LARS: record estimators along the algorithm loop. e45add1
@pluskid pluskid LARS: support for early stopping. 48cf21b
@pluskid pluskid LARS: added python_modular interface. 4405d4d
@pluskid pluskid LARS: python_modular example of LASSO (using LARS), and comparison to…
@pluskid pluskid LARS: remove debug code. 6d990ab
@pluskid pluskid Bugfix: matrix not initialized in LinearRidgeRegression 9ca9fc2
@PhilippeTillet PhilippeTillet Added doxygen comments 3255541
Commits on Apr 14, 2012
@lisitsyn lisitsyn Merge branch 'lars' of git:// 56eb7ca
@lisitsyn lisitsyn Merge branch 'refactoring' of git:// 416606c
@lisitsyn lisitsyn Proper constructor for #438 277ba68
@karlnapf karlnapf -added initialisation of mkl_block_norm to std value
-added comment about strange set_sub_kernel_weights
-fixed a mem leak regarding this comment
@karlnapf karlnapf added debug messages 2e21eb9
@karlnapf karlnapf added debug messages bf5e9ea
@karlnapf karlnapf SGVector instead of plain array 24bab87
@karlnapf karlnapf Merge pull request #437 from karlnapf/master
memory bugfix, initialization, comments and debug messages
@karlnapf karlnapf added example for mkl modelselection (currently not working, but should
in the future, once bugs are fixed)
@karlnapf karlnapf Merge pull request #453 from karlnapf/master
added mkl modelselection example
Commits on Apr 15, 2012
@PhilippeTillet PhilippeTillet Added assertion on feature type, removed store_model_features 0dc55d2
Commits on Apr 16, 2012
@sonney2k sonney2k Merge pull request #446 from PhilippeTillet/nearest_centroid
Added doxygen comments
Commits on Apr 17, 2012
@jklontz jklontz added basic CMake project files b8bec85
@sonney2k sonney2k Merge pull request #461 from jklontz/master
Remove some deprecated function calls and add cmake project files.
@sonney2k sonney2k fix doxygen warning in lars 879ba9e
@sonney2k sonney2k convert get_POIM2 to user SGVector 8436b0a
@pluskid pluskid Added some notes of git work flow for developers. 86dce0b
@sonney2k sonney2k SGVector fix for WD-kernel constructor 2649a77
@lisitsyn lisitsyn SG_ADD for MC liblinear b45f523
@lisitsyn lisitsyn Updated news 4997875
@lisitsyn lisitsyn Merge branch 'git-workflow-doc' of git:// 4287096
@sonney2k sonney2k Merge pull request #463 from Victor-Sadkov/master
New statistics sample and various whitespace changes.
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