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Cleveland Virtual Tip Jar

Code for website at

Volunteers - Developers

We need help processing submissions and cleaning data! To volunteer, please make a pull request updating this README to sign up for a shift importing and reviewing data. Then at the designated time, follow the steps below and make a pull request when complete. Each shift normally takes about 30 minutes.

Please do a fresh pull or make a fresh fork before each shift, as the import script and README tend to change frequently as improvements are made.

Shift GitHub User
Monday mornings @roxcoldiron
Monday evenings
Tuesday mornings @vsalvino
Tuesday evenings @nathanbardwell
Wednesday mornings @roxcoldiron
Wednesday evenings @shawninman
Thursday mornings @vsalvino
Thursday evenings @nathanbardwell
Friday mornings @shawninman
Friday evenings @samsawan
Saturday mornings @vsalvino
Saturday evenings
Sunday mornings @samsawan
Sunday evenings @shawninman

Code is in a static HTML page in site/ directory, rendered client-side with Vue.js.

Data is located in site/data/data.json. Data is imported and cleaned via script which does most of the heavy lifting. If you'd like to contribute data, make a pull request or submit your info from the form link on

Data pull requests will be accepted providing that the data is in alphabetical order.

Steps for Importing and Reviewing Submissions

Install Python 3.6 or higher, then:

(Optional) Download a CSV from our Google Sheet (read only, it is populated by the signup form) and place it in this directory named raw.csv.

  1. Run the data import script:

    python --download

    This script will download the latest data from the Google Sheet and alphabetize all entries.

  2. Review the data.json file diff before committing. Update any necessary data points such as website, and clean up misspellings, duplicates, proper capitalization, etc.

    Add common misspellings or alternate place names in the alias key in a list and rerun the scrip to automatically merge places.

    If a place or a person needs to be removed from the list, add a hide: true key to the place or person entry.

    It is helpful to view this file in a visual diff tool, such as VS Code. This is the most labor intensive part and where we need the most help.

  3. Run the site locally using a web server, such as:

    python -m http.server -d site 8000

    Then go to http://localhost:8000/ and make sure it loads correctly with your updated data. If it does not load, there is most likely a syntax error in the JSON file.

  4. Commit the changes and make a pull request.


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