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-SevenSeg is Arduino pde for capturing microwave's seven segment display output
+Contact: emails:
+Kevin Conley <kevincon@seas>
+Varun Sampath <vsampath@seas>
+Ben Shyong <bshyong@seas>
+Teddy Zhang <thezhang@seas>
+uWave is a texting, Twitter-enabled microwave. See
+for demo videos and information on how it works.
+See the uWaveArduino PDE for the uWave code. Be sure to edit the
+web_settings_template.h file for your own settings. To implement your own
+server, there are two HTTP GET requests you need to be able to handle
+from the Arduino. One is the start time:
+GET /arduino/start?time=%d HTTP/1.0
+where %d is an integer representing seconds. The other is the finish
+GET /arduino/finish HTTP/1.0
+This code was implemented on an Arduino Duemilanove using the arduino-0023

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