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find me on the internet

Like many of us on GitHub, I've got a personal website that contains some general information about me and my profile as an engineer.

But, as time has gone on, I've found my portfolio & methods of contact splintering into dozens of accounts, urls, and repositories.

Then, it occurred to me that I have a domain under my control, I was able to set up subdomains to forward to my profile or project of choice using {identity} [dot] vsanthanam [dot] com

This way, I could easily send someone to, say, my LinkedIn profile with the following easy to remember url:

I wanted to make a visual representation of my online identities and projects, so I built this this simple React.js app that allows a user to easily find exactly what they're looking for.

check it out at launchpad [dot] vsanthanam [dot] com.

run it locally

  • make sure you've got node and npm installed on your machine
  • clone the repo and run yarn install
  • yarn start-stage launches the app and connects it to a pre-production firebase instance.
  • yarn start launches the app and connects it to a production firebase instance.
  • yarn test runs unit tests with Jest
  • yarn stage deploys the app to a pre-production firebase instance, configured to use the pre-production db on that instance.
  • yarn deploy deploys the app to whatever firebase environment is in use, configured to use the production db. You can control that setup with firebase use [environment]. You can add environments with firebase use --add


Build Status