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Create compilation database compile_commands.json from Xcode projects.
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Clone or download creates compilation database compile_commands.json from Xcode projects.

It uses the same approach as scan-build in Clang Static Analyzer. I.e. it replaces C and C++ compilers with and respectively. Then it invokes xcodebuild and aforementioned scripts intercept and store compilation commands. is used the following way:

python xcodebuild -scheme FooApp build

Please note that the tool is new and untested. Use it cautiously.


Bear by László Nagy. Main disadvantage for me is that it needs to be compiled. I prefer a Python script. And I haven't checked how it works with Xcode projects.

DTrace. Sean Silva has suggested to use DTrace to generate compile_commands.json and there is even execsnoop example. Unfortunately, on Mac OS X curpsinfo->pr_psargs doesn't work. You can try to inspect execve arguments directly with arg0, arg1, etc. Brendan Gregg has written a nice instruction how to do this. But arg1 is char *const argv[] and I haven't found any way to inspect null-terminated array.

oclint/oclint-xcodebuild. It creates compile_commands.json by parsing xcodebuild output. I have found it after creating and haven't checked how it works.

clang-tags by François Févotte. See User manual. 2.1. Creating the compilation database for more details.

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