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VINT is a library for building single-page applications in Dart.

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SimpleMVP is a framework for writing single-page applications in Dart. Similar to Backbone it has the following key components:

  • Models
  • ModelLists (Collections in Backbone)
  • Presenters (Views in Backbone)

Example App

There is a task list application using SimpleMVP in the example folder.

To try it out:

  • Run: dart dummy_server.dart
  • Open Dartium: localhost:8080/task_list.html

The application illustrates most of the features of SimpleMVP, and it's about 100 lines long (including all templates). Check out task_list.dart to see how it's implemented.


I've put together a 15-minute video showing how to build a TODO app using SimpleMVP. Building a TODO app using SimpleMVP

Learning Dart

Even if you don't end up using SimpleMVP, you can still use it as an example of an MV* framework written in Dart.

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