A sample Web application built using AngularDart
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Talk to Me

Dart and AngularDart

Dart is a new platform for Web development that includes a language, tools, and libraries. AngularDart is a framework that enables building rich client-side applications.


The goal of this project is to be a sample application that can help you get started with AngularDart. I began working on it a few days ago to learn the framework. And since there is not much documentation about AngularDart, I decided to make it public, so others can benefit from it.

Learn About AngularDart

Work in Progress

The project is still very much a work in progress.


  • Controllers, Components
  • Routing
  • HTTP
  • Configuring injectables
  • Using scopes for message passing

Try It



If you have any data in your local storage the application may not work as expected. To fix it run the following command in the browser console:


To do

  • Validations
  • Application state management
  • Shadow DOM
  • Use factory, value, CreationStrategy, and Visibility


  • Building components => agenda.html, agenda_item.html, agenda_component.dart, agenda_component_input.dart
  • Building decorators => toggle.dart, agenda_item_text_input.dart
  • Setting up route (including default) => app_route_initializer.dart
  • Nested routes and nested views => list.html, and app_route_initializer.dart
  • Using RouteProvider => show_call_ctrl.dart
  • Using formatters => agenda.html and list.html
  • Registering components, controllers, and other injectables => talk_to_me.dart
  • Creating services => parse_agenda_item.dart, storage.dart
  • Using the Http service => users_repository.dart
  • Configuring injectables => global_http_interceptors.dart
  • Using scopes for message passing => messages.dart and global_alert_component.dart
  • Testing => All files in test/unit


  • Victor Savkin
  • Seth Ladd
  • Pavel Jbanov
  • Patrice Chalin
  • Adam Singer