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The Supplementary Material Repository for Bioinformatics Data Skills

This repository contains the supplementary files used in my book, Bioinformatics Data Skills, published by O'Reilly Media. In addition to the supplementary files needed for examples in the book, this repository contains:

  • Documentation on how all supplementary files were produced or how they were acquired.

  • Additional information readers may find interesting for each chapter. These are the files in each chapter's directory. I've also included other resources like lists of recommended books for further learning.

  • Errata, and any necessary updates if materials become outdated for some reason.

Although I've made an strong, strong effort to focus on the subset of bioinformatics tools that will not go out of date is this rapidly changing field, if certain tools do become obsolete I will use this repository to host and describe alternatives.


Supplementary files for my book, "Bioinformatics Data Skills"




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