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(License MIT)

Forked from wdollar/Laravel-4-Generators-Bootstrap-3, which is forked from JeffreyWay/Laravel-4-Generators.

Master branch is now for Laravel version 5.1

  • For Laravel 4.2 use the laravel4 branch, or require: "vsch/generators": "~1"

  • For Laravel 5.1 use the master branch, or require: "vsch/generators": "~2"

Version numbering will be in sync with Laravel 4.2 versions starting with 1. and Laravel 5.1 starting with 2. to make my life in supporting two Laravel versions easier.

Laravel 5.1 support is in its early development.

I will be making a lot of changes in the near future. I am only adding L5 support because I need it ASAP for an L4 project migrated to L5.1 that used these generators and I desperately need them to make some mods and additions.

At this point I feel that the generators are in desperate need of a rewrite to simplify and harmonize the template syntax, add more control to how code is generated. This is on a todo list. I am adding kludges just to get the functionality I need for the project I am working on. It is not the best way but the only way on a limited time budget. Under the hood clean-up is already in progress. Slowly but surely it will all get cleaned up.

Development caveats:

  • I am currently working on this package in my project's workbench directory and not as a full fledged package.
  • Tested by deploying with composer. That was the extent of my package installation and testing other than unit tests in the package and using it on my project.
  • This package is provided as is. I will do my best to make sure it is in working order but use it at your own discretion.

Package docs

This package updates the views provided by Jeffrey Way's original works to Bootstrap 3.


Rapidly speed up your Laravel workflow with scaffold generators




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