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Search and preview themes from the Visual Studio Marketplace.

This repository contains the source code for, built with Remix and Cloudflare Workers.

How it Works

VS Code Themes scans the Visual Studio Marketplace and maintains a searchable database of themes.

In order for a theme to show up on the website:

  1. A description must exist in the extension's manifest
  2. Themes must be .json (.tmTheme files are not supported)

Missing a theme? Open an issue.

Color Search

You can search for themes matching a color using the query string:

For a full list of supported color formats check out the test suite.

Creating a Theme

Here are some helpful links if you'd like to create your own theme:


Development requires access to private packages. If you're interested in contributing let's chat! You're welcome to open an issue or send an email to


Helping you discover new themes since 2018:

  • Version 1: February 2018 (Reddit)
  • Version 2: July 2018 (Medium)
  • Version 3: April 2022