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(in-package #:eager-future2)
(defmacro pexec (&body body)
"Shorthand for (pcall (lambda () ...))"
`(pcall (lambda () ,@body)))
(defmacro plet ((&rest bindings) &body body)
"Like LET, but all bindings are evaluated asynchronously."
(let ((bindings (mapcar (lambda (x) (if (consp x) x (list x nil)))
(let ((syms (mapcar (lambda (x) (gensym (string (car x))))
`(let ,(loop for (nil exp) in bindings
for sym in syms
collect `(,sym (pexec ,exp)))
(symbol-macrolet ,(loop for (var nil) in bindings
for sym in syms
collect `(,var (yield ,sym)))
(defun iterate-futures (proc futures)
"Calls proc on each future in select order. Proc is a procedure that
takes the currently yieldable future as its first argument, and the
list of futures not yet processed as its second. Futures need to be
yielded by proc - this is done so that proc can have control of error
handling. The second argument is useful to for example be able to
terminate remaining computations before a non-local control transfer."
(loop while futures do
(let* ((next (apply #'select futures))
(remaining (remove next futures)))
(funcall proc next remaining)
(setf futures remaining))))
(defun force-all (futures &rest values)
"Calls force on all given future with values. Useful to stop
remaining computations in for example iterate-futures."
(map nil (lambda (future) (apply #'force future values)) futures))
(defmacro pand (&rest exprs)
"Evaluates expressions in parallel. If any expression yields nil,
terminates all outstanding computations and returns nil. If all
expressions yield a non-nil value, returns t."
(let ((tag (gensym)))
`(block ,tag
(iterate-futures (lambda (x remaining)
(unless (yield x)
(force-all remaining nil)
(return-from ,tag nil)))
(list ,@(loop for x in exprs collect `(pexec ,x))))
(defmacro por (&rest exprs)
"Evaluates expressions in parallel. Returns the value of the first
expression that yields a non-nil value. If all expressions evaluate
to nil, returns nil."
(let ((tag (gensym)))
`(block ,tag
(iterate-futures (lambda (x remaining)
(let ((value (yield x)))
(when value
(force-all remaining nil)
(return-from ,tag value))))
(list ,@(loop for x in exprs collect `(pexec ,x)))))))
(defun select-timeout (timeout &rest futures)
"Given a timeout (in seconds) and a set of futures, returns either
nil if no futures are ready to yield when timeout seconds have
elapsed, or the first yieldable future otherwise."
(let* ((timeout-future (pcall (lambda () (sleep timeout)) :eager))
(first-future (apply #'select timeout-future futures)))
(unless (eq timeout-future first-future)
(defmacro pfuncall (function &rest args)
"Evaluates args in parallel before funcalling the given function on them."
(let ((syms (loop repeat (length args) collect (gensym))))
`(plet ,(loop for s in syms for arg in args collect (list s arg))
(funcall ,function ,@syms))))
(defun touch (x)
"If x is a future, yields its value, otherwise returns x."
(if (typep x 'future)
(yield x)