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(in-package #:vacietis.libc.math.h)
(in-readtable vacietis)
(define HUGE_VAL most-positive-double-float)
(defun atan2 (x y)
(atan x y))
(defun pow (x y)
(expt x y))
(defun log10 (x)
(log x 10))
(defun fabs (x)
(abs x))
(defun ceil (x)
(ceiling x))
(defun fmod (x y)
(mod x y))
(defun modf (x ptr)
(multiple-value-bind (whole part)
(fround x)
(setf (deref* ptr) whole)
(defun ldexp (x n)
(* x (expt 2 n)))
(defun frexp (x nptr)
(let ((n (ceiling (log (abs x) 2))))
(setf (deref* nptr) n)
(/ x (expt 2 n))))
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