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The wiki software behind
Common Lisp
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CLiki2 is the wiki software behind

You can obtain the code at
All CLiki2 dependencies are available via Quicklisp.

The function (start-cliki-server <port> <homedir> <wikis>) starts an
HTTP server on <port> serving one or more virtual hosted wikis from
<homedir>. Example:

    (list ""
      (make-wiki "ALU" "Association of Lisp Users"
                 "/home/cliki/alu-wiki/" ""))
    (list ""
      (make-wiki "CLiki" "the common lisp wiki"
                 "/home/cliki/cliki-test/" ""))))

Here, /home/cliki/ is used for things like the access and error logs.
<wikis> is an alist of domain name to wiki mappings. The function
make-wiki has the following signature:

(make-wiki <wiki name> <wiki description>
           <wiki-directory> <password-recovery-from-address>)

CLiki2 stylesheets and background images need to be placed in
<wiki-directory>/static/. Example styles are available from and

The Common Lisp HyperSpec (for symbol links in wiki pages) needs to be
in the folder HyperSpec/ in <homedir>, and the symbol table at

CLiki2 is written by Andrey Moskvitin <> and
Vladimir Sedach <>. CLiki2 graphic design was done by
Anastasiya Sterh <>. Vladimir Sedach is the current
maintainer. To report bugs, open an issue on github
( or email Vladimir Sedach

CLiki2 is distributed under the Affero GPL version 3. Details are in
the file LICENSE.
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