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(in-package #:cliki2)
(in-readtable cliki2)
(defun find-previous-revision (revision)
(cadr (member revision (revisions
(find-article (parent-title revision) :error t)))))
(defun %render-revision-summary (revision)
(pprint-revision-link revision)
#H[ <a class="internal" href="${ (article-link (parent-title revision)) }">${ (escape-for-html (parent-title revision)) }</a>
- ${ (escape-for-html (summary revision)) } ${ (account-link (author-name revision)) } ]
(awhen (find-previous-revision revision)
(output-compare-link it revision "diff")))
(defun render-revision-summary (revision)
#H[<li>] (%render-revision-summary revision) #H[</li>])
(defpage /site/recent-changes "Recent Changes" ()
(setf *header* #?[<link rel="alternate" type="application/atom+xml" title="recent changes" href="$(#/site/feed/recent-changes.atom)">])
#H[<h1>Recent Changes</h1>
<a class="internal" href="$(#/site/feed/recent-changes.atom)">ATOM feed</a>
<ul>] (map nil #'render-revision-summary (get-recent-changes)) #H[</ul>])
;;; feed
(defun iso8601-time (time)
(multiple-value-bind (second minute hour date month year)
(decode-universal-time time 0)
(format nil "~4,'0d-~2,'0d-~2,'0dT~2,'0d:~2,'0d:~2,'0dZ"
year month date hour minute second)))
(defun feed-doc (title link updated entries-body)
(setf (content-type*) "application/atom+xml")
(with-output-to-string (*html-stream*)
#H[<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<feed xmlns="">
<link href="${ (escape-for-html link) }" />
<updated>${ (iso8601-time updated) }</updated>]
(funcall entries-body)
(defun feed-format-content (revision)
(with-output-to-string (*html-stream*)
(%render-revision-summary revision)
(render-diff-table (find-previous-revision revision) revision nil))))
(defun feed-present-revision (revision)
<title>${ (parent-title revision) } - ${ (escape-for-html (summary revision)) } ${ (author-name revision) }</title>
<link href="${ (escape-for-html (revision-link revision)) }" type="text/html" />
<updated>${ (iso8601-time (revision-date revision)) }</updated>
<content type="html">${ (feed-format-content revision) }</content>
(%defpage /site/feed/recent-changes.atom :get ()
#?"${(wiki-name *wiki*)} Recent Changes" #/site/feed/recent-changes.atom
(revision-date (car (get-recent-changes)))
(lambda ()
(map nil #'feed-present-revision (get-recent-changes)))))
(%defpage /site/feed/article.atom :get (title)
(let ((article (find-article title :error t)))
#?"${(wiki-name *wiki*)} Article ${ (escape-for-html title) } Edits"
(revision-date (latest-revision article))
(lambda ()
(loop repeat 20 for revision in (revisions article)
do (feed-present-revision revision))))))
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