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(in-package #:cliki2)
(in-readtable cliki2)
(defstruct (wiki (:conc-name nil) (:constructor make-wiki-struct))
;; config
;; locks
(update-lock (make-lock "update lock"))
(data-lock (make-lock "data lock"))
(index-lock (make-lock "index lock"))
(session-lock (make-lock "session lock"))
;; data
(accounts (make-hash-table :test 'equal))
(articles (make-hash-table :test 'equal))
(blacklist (make-hash-table :test 'equal))
;; cache
(article-cache (make-hash-table :test 'equal))
(last-timestamp 0)
;; indexes
(topic-index (make-hash-table :test 'equal)) ;; article name
(backlink-index (make-hash-table :test 'equal)) ;; article name
(search-index (make-hash-table :test 'equal)) ;; article name
(author-index (make-hash-table :test 'equal)) ;; revision obj
(recent-changes ()) ;; revision obj
;; sessions
(sessions (make-hash-table :test 'equal)))
;;; access
(defun find-account (name)
(with-lock-held ((data-lock *wiki*))
(gethash (cut-whitespace name) (accounts *wiki*))))
(defun banned? (account-name)
(with-lock-held ((data-lock *wiki*))
(gethash account-name (blacklist *wiki*))))
(defun get-blacklist ()
(with-lock-held ((data-lock *wiki*))
(alexandria:hash-table-keys (blacklist *wiki*))))
(define-condition cannot-find-article-error (error)
((title :initarg :title)
(link :initarg :link)
(referer :initarg :referer))
(:report (lambda (e stream)
(format stream
"Cannot find article entitled '~A' (link ~A refered by ~A)"
(slot-value e 'title)
(slot-value e 'link)
(slot-value e 'referer)))))
(defun find-article (title &key error)
(let ((article (with-lock-held ((data-lock *wiki*))
(gethash (canonicalize title) (articles *wiki*)))))
(if (and error (not article))
(error 'cannot-find-article-error
:title title
:link (request-uri*)
:referer (referer))
(defun get-all-articles (filter)
(mapcar #'article-title
(with-lock-held ((data-lock *wiki*))
(alexandria:hash-table-values (articles *wiki*)))))
(defun edits-by-author (name)
(with-lock-held ((index-lock *wiki*))
(gethash name (author-index *wiki*))))
(defun cached-content (title)
(with-lock-held ((data-lock *wiki*))
(gethash (canonicalize title) (article-cache *wiki*))))
(defun get-recent-changes ()
(with-lock-held ((index-lock *wiki*))
(recent-changes *wiki*)))
;;; paths
(defun wiki-path (path)
(merge-pathnames path (home-directory *wiki*)))
(defun file-path (type id)
(let ((id (uri-encode (if (eq type 'article) (canonicalize id) id))))
(wiki-path (ecase type
(account #?"accounts/${ id }")
(article #?"articles/${ id }/article")))))
;;; storage
(defun write-to-file (to-file obj
&optional (tmpdir (wiki-path "tmp/")))
(let* ((content (if (stringp obj)
(let ((*readtable*
(named-readtables:find-readtable :common-lisp)))
(prin1-to-string obj)))))
(buffer (flexi-streams:string-to-octets content :external-format :utf-8))
(loop while (probe-file
(setf tmp-file
(format nil "~A.~A"
(file-namestring to-file)
(random 10000))
(with-open-file (out tmp-file
:direction :output
:if-exists :error
:if-does-not-exist :create
:element-type '(unsigned-byte 8))
(write-sequence buffer out)
(finish-output out))
(unless (= (length buffer)
(with-open-file (x tmp-file :element-type '(unsigned-byte 8))
(file-length x)))
(error "Length mismatch in temporary file, aborting write"))
;; CL rename-file doesn't specify what to do if file exists
(osicat-posix:rename (namestring tmp-file)
(namestring (ensure-directories-exist to-file)))))
;;; create
(defun wiki-new (what obj)
(with-lock-held ((update-lock *wiki*))
;; protocol: car is id
(write-to-file (file-path what (car obj)) obj)
(with-lock-held ((data-lock *wiki*))
(ecase what
(article (setf (gethash (canonicalize (article-title obj))
(articles *wiki*))
(account (setf (gethash (account-name obj) (accounts *wiki*))
;;; update
(defmacro update-account (account &rest updates)
(let ((copy (gensym))
(name (gensym)))
`(with-lock-held ((update-lock *wiki*))
(let* ((,name (account-name ,account))
(,copy (copy-account (find-account ,name))))
(setf ,@(loop for (accessor newval) on updates by #'cddr
collect `(,accessor ,copy) collect newval))
(write-to-file (file-path 'account ,name) ,copy)
(with-lock-held ((data-lock *wiki*))
(setf (gethash ,name (accounts *wiki*)) ,copy))))))
(defun update-blacklist (account-name banned?)
(with-lock-held ((update-lock *wiki*))
(with-lock-held ((data-lock *wiki*))
(if banned?
(setf (gethash account-name (blacklist *wiki*)) t)
(remhash account-name (blacklist *wiki*))))
(write-to-file (wiki-path "blacklist") (get-blacklist))))
;;; revisions
(defun record-revision (revision content)
(let ((title (canonicalize (parent-title revision))))
(with-lock-held ((update-lock *wiki*))
(when (<= (revision-date revision) (last-timestamp *wiki*))
(warn "Clock seems to be running backwards")
(setf (revision-date revision) (1+ (last-timestamp *wiki*))))
(save-revision-content revision content)
(setf (last-timestamp *wiki*) (revision-date revision))
(let ((article (copy-article (find-article title)))
(push revision (revisions article))
(write-to-file (file-path 'article title) article)
(with-lock-held ((data-lock *wiki*))
(setf old-content (gethash title (article-cache *wiki*) "")
(gethash title (articles *wiki*)) article
(gethash title (article-cache *wiki*)) content))
(with-lock-held ((index-lock *wiki*))
(push revision (gethash (author-name revision) (author-index *wiki*)))
(let ((recent-changes (cons revision (recent-changes *wiki*))))
(setf (recent-changes *wiki*)
(subseq recent-changes 0 (min 100 (length recent-changes))))))
(reindex-article (article-title article) content old-content))))
(defun revision-path (revision)
(wiki-path #?"articles/${ (uri-encode (canonicalize (parent-title revision))) }/revisions/${ (revision-date revision) }"))
(defun revision-content (revision)
(let ((revision-path (revision-path revision)))
(if (probe-file revision-path)
(alexandria:read-file-into-string revision-path :external-format :utf-8)
(error "Cannot find revision content file of revision dated ~A of article ~A (path ~A)"
(revision-date revision) (parent-title revision) revision-path))))
(defun save-revision-content (revision content) ;; not locked
(let ((path (revision-path revision)))
(if (probe-file path)
(error "Revision dated ~A of article ~A already exists, aborting write"
(revision-date revision) (parent-title revision))
(write-to-file path content))))
;;; indexing
(defun articles-by-search-word (word)
(with-lock-held ((index-lock *wiki*))
(gethash word (search-index *wiki*))))
(defun articles-by-topic (topic)
(with-lock-held ((index-lock *wiki*))
(gethash (canonicalize topic) (topic-index *wiki*))))
(defun article-backlinks (article-title)
(with-lock-held ((index-lock *wiki*))
(gethash (canonicalize article-title) (backlink-index *wiki*))))
(defun all-topics ()
(with-lock-held ((index-lock *wiki*))
(loop for topic being the hash-key of (topic-index *wiki*)
using (hash-value articles)
if articles
collect topic
do (remhash topic (topic-index *wiki*)))))
(defun reindex-article (title new-content old-content)
(let ((title-words (words title)))
(flet ((reindex (index extract-function)
(let ((old (funcall extract-function old-content))
(new (funcall extract-function new-content)))
(with-lock-held ((index-lock *wiki*))
(dolist (x (set-difference old new :test #'string=))
(setf (gethash x index)
(remove title (gethash x index) :test #'string=)))
(dolist (x (set-difference new old :test #'string=))
(setf (gethash x index)
(merge 'list (list title) (gethash x index)
(words-for-search (content)
(awhen (words content)
(union title-words it :test #'string=))))
(reindex (topic-index *wiki*) #'topics)
(reindex (backlink-index *wiki*) #'page-links)
(reindex (search-index *wiki*) #'words-for-search))))
(defun init-recent-changes ()
(let ((recent-changes
(reduce (lambda (r1s r2s)
(let ((merged
(merge 'list (copy-list r1s) (copy-list r2s)
#'> :key #'revision-date)))
(subseq merged 0 (min 100 (length merged)))))
(with-lock-held ((data-lock *wiki*))
(alexandria:hash-table-values (articles *wiki*)))
:key #'revisions)))
(with-lock-held ((index-lock *wiki*))
(setf (recent-changes *wiki*) recent-changes))))
;;; lock file
(defun get-directory-lock (dir)
(let ((pulse 1)
(lockfile (merge-pathnames "lock" dir))
(flet ((take-lock ()
(lambda ()
(let ((nonce1 (when (probe-file lockfile)
(read-file lockfile))))
(if (and nonce (not (equal nonce nonce1)))
;; someone else is writing to lock file
;;(osicat-posix:exit 1)
(error "Nonces not equal ~A ~A" nonce nonce1)
(with-open-file (out lockfile
:direction :output
:if-exists :supersede)
(prin1 (setf nonce (random most-positive-fixnum))
(sleep (+ pulse (random 1.0))))))))
(if (probe-file lockfile)
(let ((nonce (read-file lockfile)))
(sleep (+ (* pulse 2) (random 3.0)))
(if (equal nonce (read-file lockfile))
(error "Lock file for ~A held by someone else, quitting" dir)))
;;; load
(defun read-file (file)
(with-open-file (in file :direction :input
:if-does-not-exist :error
:external-format :utf-8)
(let ((*read-eval* nil)
(*readtable* (named-readtables:find-readtable :common-lisp)))
(read in)))))
(defun load-wiki-article (path)
(let* ((article (read-file (merge-pathnames "article" path)))
(title (canonicalize (article-title article)))
(rev (car (revisions article)))
(content (revision-content rev)))
(setf (gethash title (articles *wiki*)) article
(gethash title (article-cache *wiki*)) content
(last-timestamp *wiki*) (max (last-timestamp *wiki*)
(revision-date rev)))
(dolist (r (revisions article))
(push r (gethash (author-name r) (author-index *wiki*))))
(reindex-article (article-title article) content "")))
(defun load-wiki (*wiki*)
(get-directory-lock (home-directory *wiki*))
;; set up empty file for diff
(open (wiki-path "empty_file") :direction :probe :if-does-not-exist :create)
(map nil #'load-wiki-article (cl-fad:list-directory (wiki-path "articles/")))
(loop for author being the hash-key of (author-index *wiki*)
using (hash-value author-revisions) do
(setf (gethash author (author-index *wiki*))
(sort author-revisions #'> :key #'revision-date)))
(dolist (afile (cl-fad:list-directory (wiki-path "accounts/")))
(let ((account (read-file afile)))
(setf (gethash (account-name account) (accounts *wiki*)) account)))
(dolist (banned (read-file (wiki-path "blacklist")))
(setf (gethash banned (blacklist *wiki*)) t))
;;; start
(defun make-wiki (name description homedir email)
(let ((wiki (make-wiki-struct
:home-directory homedir
:wiki-name name
:description description
:password-reminder-email-address email)))
(load-wiki wiki)
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