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(in-package #:cliki2)
(in-readtable cliki2)
;;; delete article (only logged-in users can delete, view, and undelete deleted articles)
(defun cut-whitespace (str)
(string-trim #(#\Space #\Tab #\Newline #\Return)
(ppcre:regex-replace-all "\\s+" str " ")))
;;; article categories
(defun category-keyword (category-title)
(intern (string-upcase (cut-whitespace category-title)) '#:cliki2.categories))
(defun content-categories (content)
(lambda (x)
(subseq x 2 (1- (length x))))
'(:sequence #\* #\( (:greedy-repetition 0 nil (:inverted-char-class #\))) #\))
;;; article
(defclass article (store-object)
((title :initarg :title
:reader title)
(canonical-title :reader canonical-title
:index-type string-unique-index
:index-reader article-with-canonical-title)
(revisions :initform ()
:accessor revisions)
(category-list :initform ()
:accessor category-list
:index-type hash-list-index
:index-reader articles-with-category)
(cached-content :initform ""
:accessor cached-content))
(:metaclass persistent-class))
(defmethod shared-initialize :after ((article article) slot-names &key &allow-other-keys)
(with-slots (title canonical-title) article
(setf title (cut-whitespace title)
canonical-title (string-downcase title))))
(defun find-article (title)
(article-with-canonical-title (string-downcase (cut-whitespace title))))
(defun latest-revision (article)
(car (revisions article)))
(defun article-description (article)
(let ((content (cached-content article)))
(subseq content 0
(1- (max 1 (or (nth-value 1 (cl-ppcre:scan ".*\\.[\\s]" content))
(position #\Newline content)
(max 30 (length content))))))))
(defmethod link-to ((article article))
(link-to (canonical-title article)))
(defmethod link-to ((article-titled string))
#?[/${(uri-encode (string-downcase (cut-whitespace article-titled)))}])
(defun pprint-article-link (title)
#H[<a href="${(link-to title)}" class="${(if (find-article title) "internal" "new")}">${title}</a>])
;;; revisions
(defclass revision (store-object)
((article :initarg :article
:reader article)
(author :initarg :author
:reader author
:index-type hash-index
:index-reader revisions-by-author)
(author-ip :initarg :author-ip
:reader author-ip)
(date :initarg :date
:reader date)
(summary :initarg :summary
:reader summary))
(:metaclass persistent-class))
(defun revision-path (revision)
#?"${*datadir*}articles/${(uri-encode (canonical-title (article revision)))}/${(date revision)}")
(defun revision-content (revision)
(alexandria:read-file-into-string (revision-path revision)))
(defun add-revision (article summary content &key
(author-ip (real-remote-addr))
(date (get-universal-time)))
(let ((new-revision (make-instance 'revision
:article article
:author author
:author-ip author-ip
:date date
:summary summary)))
(ensure-directories-exist (revision-path new-revision))
:if-exists :supersede
:if-does-not-exist :create)
(%add-revision article new-revision (content-categories content) content)
(index-document (store-object-id article) content)
(deftransaction %add-revision (article revision categories content)
(push revision (revisions article))
(push revision *recent-revisions*)
(setf (category-list article) (mapcar #'category-keyword categories)
(cached-content article) content))
(defun render-revision (revision &optional (content (revision-content revision)))
(generate-html-from-markup content)
(setf *footer*
(let ((title (title (article revision))))
<li><a href="${(link-to (article revision))}">Current version</a></li>
<li><a href="$(#/site/history?title={title})">History</a></li>
<li><a href="$(#/site/edit-article?title={title}&from-revision={(store-object-id revision)})">Edit</a></li>])))
(defun find-revision (string-id)
(let ((revision (store-object-with-id (parse-integer string-id))))
(assert (typep revision 'revision))
(defpage /site/view-revision () (id)
(render-revision (find-revision id)))
(defmethod link-to ((revision revision))
#/site/view-revision?id={(store-object-id revision)})
(defun pprint-revision-link (revision)
#H[<a href="${(link-to revision)}">${(rfc-1123-date (date revision))}</a>])
;;; article history
(defpage /site/history () (title)
(awhen (find-article title)
(setf *title* #?'History of article: "${title}"')
#H[<h1>History of article '${title}'</h1>
<form method="post" action="$(#/site/do-compare-revisions)">
<input type="submit" value="Compare selected versions" />
<table id="pagehistory">]
(loop for rhead on (revisions it)
for revision = (car rhead)
for author = (author revision) do
(flet ((radio (x)
#H[<td><input type="radio" name="${x}" value="${(store-object-id revision)}" /></td>]))
(awhen (cadr rhead)
#H[(<a href="$(#/site/compare-revisions?old={(store-object-id it)}&diff={(store-object-id revision)})">prev</a>)])
(radio "old") (radio "diff")
#H[<td>] (pprint-revision-link revision)
#H[ <a href="${(link-to author)}">${(name author)}</a>
(<em>${(summary revision)}</em>)</td>
<input type="submit" value="Compare selected versions" />
(setf *footer* #?[<li><a href="${(link-to it)}">Current version</a></li>])))
;;; diff
(defhandler /site/do-compare-revisions (old diff)
(defpage /site/compare-revisions () (old diff)
(let ((oldr (find-revision old))
(diffr (find-revision diff)))
(when (> (date oldr) (date diffr))
(rotatef oldr diffr))
(setf *title* (title (article oldr)))
#H[<h1>${(title (article oldr))}</h1>
<table class="diff">
<col class="diff-marker"> <col class="diff-content">
<col class="diff-marker"> <col class="diff-content">
<th colspan="2"> Version ] (pprint-revision-link oldr) #H[</th>
<th colspan="2"> Version ] (pprint-revision-link diffr) #H[</th>
${(diff:format-diff-string 'wiki-diff (revision-path oldr) (revision-path diffr))}
;;; edit article
(defpage /site/edit-article () (title content summary from-revision save)
(let ((maybe-article (find-article title)))
(if save
(add-revision maybe-article summary content
:author (or *account*
(get-anonymous-account (real-remote-addr))))
(redirect (link-to maybe-article)))
(setf *title* #?"Editing ${title}")
#H[<h1>Editing '${title}'</h1>
<form method="post">
<form method="post">
<div class="textarea">
<textarea rows="18" cols="80" name="content">${
(cond (content content)
(from-revision (revision-content (find-revision from-revision)))
(maybe-article (cached-content maybe-article))
(t ""))}</textarea>
<div class="edit-buttons">
<span>Edit summary:</span>
<input type="text" name="summary" size="50"
value="${(cond (summary summary)
((not maybe-article) "created page")
(t ""))}" />
<br />
<input type="submit" value="Save" name="save" />
<input type="submit" value="Preview" name="preview" />
(when content
#H[<h1>Article preview:</h1>]
(generate-html-from-markup content))
(defhandler /site/save-article (title summary content)
(add-revision (or (find-article title)
(make-instance 'article :title title))
summary content)
(link-to title))
;;; article dispatcher
(defun guess-article-name ()
(uri-decode (subseq (script-name*) 1)))
(defun render-article (article)
(let ((*header* #?[<link rel="alternate" type="application/rss+xml" title="edits" href="$(#/site/article-feed/rss.xml?title={(title article)})">]))
(render-page (title article)
(render-revision (latest-revision article) (cached-content article)))))
(defun article-dispatcher (request)
(declare (ignore request))
(awhen (find-article (guess-article-name))
(lambda () (render-article it))))
(define-easy-handler (root :uri "/") ()
(render-article (find-article "index")))
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