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CLiki2 is the Common Lisp wiki behind
All CLiki2 dependencies are available via Quicklisp. The fastest way
to install CLiki2 is to: (ql:quickload :cliki2)
To start CLiki2 two functions are provided: start-cliki-server and
Example use of the start functions:
:port 8081
:wiki-home #P"/home/alu-wiki/"
:wiki-name "ALU"
:wiki-description "Association of Lisp Users"
:password-reminder-email-address "")
(load-cliki-store "/home/alu-wiki/")
CLiki2 stylesheets and background images need to be in
wiki-home/static. Example styles are available from and
The Common Lisp HyperSpec (for symbol links in wiki pages) needs to be
in the folder HyperSpec/ in wiki-home, and the symbol table at
The CLiki2 source repository is at
CLiki2 is written by Andrey Moskvitin <> and
Vladimir Sedach <>. CLiki2 graphic design was done by
Anastasiya Sterh <>. Vladimir Sedach is the current
maintainer. To report bugs, open an issue on github
( or email Vladimir Sedach
CLiki2 is distributed under the Affero GPL version 3. Details are in
the file LICENSE.
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