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(in-package #:cliki2)
(in-readtable cliki2)
(defun output-undo-button (revision)
(unless (youre-banned?)
#H[<input type="hidden" name="undo-revision" value="${ (revision-date revision) }" />
(<input type="submit" name="undo" value="undo" class="undo" />)]))
(defun output-compare-link (old new text)
#H[(<a class="internal" href="$(#/site/compare-revisions?article={ (parent-title new) }&old={ (revision-date old) }&diff={ (revision-date new) })">${text}</a>)])
(defpage /site/history () (article)
(let ((article-obj (find-article article :error t)))
(setf *title* #?'History of article: "${ (article-title article-obj) }"'
*header* #?[<link rel="alternate" type="application/atom+xml" title="article changes" href="$(#/site/feed/article.atom?title={ (article-title article-obj) })">]
*footer* (article-footer (latest-revision article-obj)))
#H[<h1>History of article ] (pprint-article-link article) #H[</h1>
<a class="internal" href="$(#/site/feed/article.atom?title={ (article-title article-obj) })">ATOM feed</a>
<form method="post" action="$(#/site/history-with-undo)">
<input type="hidden" name="article" value="${ article }" />
<input type="submit" value="Compare selected versions" />
<table id="pagehistory">]
(loop for rhead on (revisions article-obj)
for revision = (car rhead)
for author = (author-name revision)
for first = t then nil do
(flet ((radio (x)
#H[<td><input type="radio" name="${x}" value="${ (revision-date revision) }" /></td>]))
(awhen (cadr rhead)
(output-compare-link it revision "prev"))
(radio "old") (radio "diff")
#H[<td>] (pprint-revision-link revision)
#H[ ${ (account-link author) } (<em>${ (escape-for-html (summary revision)) }</em>) ]
(when first
(output-undo-button revision))
<input type="submit" value="Compare selected versions" />
;;; undo
(defpage /site/not-latest "Revision not the latest" (article)
#H[Can't undo this revision because it is not the latest.
<a href="$(#/site/history?article={article})">Go back to history page</a>.])
(defun undo-latest-revision (article)
(let ((revision (first (revisions article)))
(restored-revision (second (revisions article))))
(when restored-revision
article (revision-content restored-revision)
#?"undid last revision by ${ (author-name revision) }"))))
(defun undo-revision (article-title revision-date)
(let ((revision (find-revision article-title revision-date))
(article-object (find-article article-title)))
(if (eq revision (latest-revision article-object))
(progn (unless (youre-banned?)
(undo-latest-revision article-object))
(article-link article-title))
(defhandler /site/history-with-undo (article old diff undo undo-revision)
(if undo
(undo-revision article undo-revision)
(defhandler /site/undo (article undo-revision)
(undo-revision article undo-revision))