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(in-package #:cliki2)
(in-readtable cliki2)
(sanitize:define-sanitize-mode +links-only+
:elements ("a")
:attributes (("a" . ("href" "class")))
:protocols (("a" . (("href" . (:ftp :http :https :mailto :relative))))))
(sanitize:define-sanitize-mode +cliki-tags+
:elements ("a" "blockquote" "q" "dd" "dl" "dt" "h1" "h2" "h3" "h4" "h5"
"h6" "hgroup" "pre" "code" "kbd" "samp" "cite" "var" "time"
"figure" "figcaption" "img" "table" "caption" "tbody" "td"
"tfoot" "th" "thead" "tr" "col" "colgroup" "ul" "ol" "li" "b"
"em" "i" "small" "big" "tt" "strike" "strong" "dfn" "s" "sub"
"sup" "u" "abbr" "ruby" "rp" "rt" "bdo" "mark" "br" "hr")
:attributes ((:all . ("dir" "lang" "title" "class"))
("a" . ("href"))
("abbr" . ("title"))
("bdo" . ("dir"))
("blockquote" . ("cite"))
("col" . ("span" "width" "align" "valign"))
("colgroup" . ("span" "width" "align" "valign"))
("img" . ("align" "alt" "height" "src" "width"))
("ol" . ("start" "reversed" "type"))
("ul" . ("type"))
("code" . ("lang"))
("q" . ("cite"))
("table" . ("summary" "width"))
("td" . ("abbr" "axis" "colspan" "rowspan" "width"))
("th" . ("abbr" "axis" "colspan" "rowspan" "scope" "width")))
:protocols (("a" . (("href" . (:ftp :http :https :mailto :relative))))
("blockquote" . (("cite" . (:http :https :relative))))
("img" . (("src" . (:http :https :relative))))
("q" . (("cite" . (:http :https :relative))))))
(defun generate-html-from-markup (markup)
#H[<div id="article">]
(let ((start 0)
(labels ((find-tag (tag start)
(search tag markup :start2 start :test #'string-equal))
(find-next-tag (start)
(let ((next-pre (find-tag "<pre>" start))
(next-code (find-tag "<code" start))
(when next-pre
(setf close-tag "</pre>"
min next-pre))
(when next-code
(unless (and next-pre (< next-pre next-code))
(setf close-tag "</code>"
min next-code)))
(loop while (setf tag-start (find-next-tag start))
do (write-string (parse-markup-fragment markup start tag-start)
(setf start (+ (length close-tag)
(or (find-tag close-tag tag-start)
(write-string (funcall (if (equal close-tag "</pre>")
markup tag-start start)
(write-string (parse-markup-fragment markup start (length markup))
(defun parse-markup-fragment (markup start end)
"< "
(escape-parens-in-href-links markup start end))
"&lt; ")
(defun escape-pre-block (markup start end)
"<(?:PRE|pre)>((?:.|\\n)*?)</(?:PRE|pre)>" markup
(lambda (match preformatted)
(declare (ignore match))
#?[<pre>${(escape-for-html preformatted)}</pre>])
:simple-calls t :start start :end end))
(defun escape-parens-in-href-links (markup start end)
(lambda (match url)
(declare (ignore match))
(format nil "href=\"~A\""
(cl-ppcre:regex-replace-all "\\(|\\)" url #'uri-encode :simple-calls t)))
:simple-calls t :start start :end end))
(defun parse-cliki-markup (markup)
(loop for prefix in '("_" "_H" "\\*" "\\/" "_P")
for formatter in '(pprint-article-underscore-link format-hyperspec-link pprint-topic-link format-topic-list format-package-link)
do (setf markup (process-cliki-rule markup prefix formatter)))
(defun pprint-article-underscore-link (title)
(destructuring-bind (real-title &optional link-title)
(cl-ppcre:split "\\|" title)
(%print-article-link real-title "internal" (or link-title real-title))))
(defun process-cliki-rule (markup prefix formatter)
(ppcre:regex-replace-all #?/${prefix}\((.*?)\)/
(lambda (match r1)
(declare (ignore match))
(with-output-to-string (*html-stream*)
(funcall formatter r1)))
:simple-calls t))
(defun article-description (article-title)
(let ((c (cached-content article-title)))
(subseq c 0 (ppcre:scan "\\.(?:\\s|$)|\\n|$" c))))
(defun pprint-article-summary-li (article-title separator)
#H[<li>] (pprint-article-link article-title) #H[ ${separator}
(with-output-to-string (*html-stream*)
(generate-html-from-markup (article-description article-title)))
(defun format-topic-list (topic) ;; /(
#H[<ul>] (dolist (article (articles-by-topic topic))
(pprint-article-summary-li article "-"))
(defun format-hyperspec-link (symbol) ;; _H(
#H[<a href="${(clhs-lookup:spec-lookup symbol)}" class="hyperspec">${symbol}</a>])
(defun format-package-link (link) ;; _P(
#H[<a href="${link}">ASDF-install package (obsolete) ${link}</a>])
(let ((supported-langs (sort (mapcar (lambda (x)
(symbol-name (car x)))
#'> :key #'length)))
(defun markup-code (markup start end)
"<(?:CODE|code)(.*?)?>((?:.|\\n)*?)</(?:CODE|code)>" markup
(lambda (match maybe-lang code)
(declare (ignore match))
(let ((lang (loop for lang in supported-langs
when (search lang maybe-lang :test #'char-equal)
return (find-symbol lang :keyword))))
(if lang
(let ((colorize::*css-background-class* "nonparen"))
#?[<div class="code">${(colorize::html-colorization lang code)}</div>])
#?[<code>${(escape-for-html code)}</code>])))
:simple-calls t :start start :end end)))
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