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Sorted category indexes alphabetically, display the regular (non-lowe…

…rcased) article names for search and category listings
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vsedach committed Sep 1, 2012
1 parent 874ac09 commit 3b288739c679982eef41d2f5121527ada93fe778
Showing with 8 additions and 10 deletions.
  1. +8 −10 src/wiki.lisp
@@ -218,7 +218,7 @@
(let ((recent-changes (cons revision (recent-changes *wiki*))))
(setf (recent-changes *wiki*)
(subseq recent-changes 0 (min 100 (length recent-changes))))))
- (reindex-article title content old-content))))
+ (reindex-article (article-title article) content old-content))))
(defun revision-path (revision)
@@ -249,21 +249,19 @@
(gethash (canonicalize category) (category-index *wiki*))))
(defun reindex-article (title new-content old-content)
- (flet ((reindex (index new old sorted?)
+ (flet ((reindex (index new old)
(with-lock-held ((index-lock *wiki*))
(dolist (x (set-difference old new :test #'string=))
(setf (gethash x index)
(remove title (gethash x index) :test #'string=)))
(dolist (x (set-difference new old :test #'string=))
- (if sorted?
- (setf (gethash x index)
- (merge 'list (list title) (gethash x index)
- #'string-lessp))
- (push title (gethash x index)))))))
+ (setf (gethash x index)
+ (merge 'list (list title) (gethash x index)
+ #'string-lessp))))))
(reindex (category-index *wiki*)
- (categories new-content) (categories old-content) nil)
+ (categories new-content) (categories old-content))
(reindex (search-index *wiki*)
- (words new-content) (words old-content) t)))
+ (words new-content) (words old-content))))
(defun init-recent-changes ()
(let ((recent-changes
@@ -330,7 +328,7 @@
(revision-date rev)))
(dolist (r (revisions article))
(push r (gethash (author-name r) (author-index *wiki*))))
- (reindex-article title content "")))
+ (reindex-article (article-title article) content "")))
(defun load-wiki (*wiki*)
(get-directory-lock (home-directory *wiki*))

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