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Change password feature #3

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Just for now

@@ -65,6 +65,9 @@
(defun password? (pw)
(and pw (not (< (length pw) 8))))
(defun email-address? (str)
(and str (not (string= str ""))))
@@ -84,7 +87,7 @@
((cond ((or (not name) (string= name "")) "name")
((find-account name) "nametaken")
((not (email-address? email)) "email")
((< (length password) 8) "password")
((not (password? password)) "password")
((not (check-captcha)) "captcha"))
(t (login (new-account (cut-whitespace name) email password))
@@ -177,35 +180,70 @@ Your new password is: ${ password }")))
;;; user preferences
(defpage /site/preferences-ok "Preferences updated" ()
#H[Email updated successfully])
(defpage /site/preferences-ok "Preferences updated" (what)
#H[${what} updated successfully])
(defhandler /site/change-email (email password)
(flet ((err (e) #/site/preferences?email={email}&error={e}))
(cond ((not *account*) #/)
((not (email-address? email)) (err "email"))
((check-password password *account*)
(update-account *account*
account-email email) #/site/preferences-ok)
account-email email) #/site/preferences-ok?what=Email)
(t (err "pw")))))
(defhandler /site/change-password (new-password confirm-password password)
(flet ((err (e) #/site/preferences?error={e}))
(cond ((not *account*) #/)
((not (password? new-password)) (err "npw"))
((not (string= new-password confirm-password)) (err "cpw"))
((check-password password *account*)
(let ((salt (make-random-string 50)))
(update-account *account*
account-password-digest (password-digest new-password salt)
account-password-salt salt))
(t (err "opw")))))
(defpage /site/preferences "Account preferences" (email error)
(if *account*
#H[<h3>Change account preferences</h3>
<form id="changemail" class="prefs" method="post"
#H[<h3>Change account preferences</h3>
<form id="changepassword" class="prefs" method="post"
<fieldset class="prefs">
(maybe-show-form-error error "npw" "Bad password")
#H[<dt><label for="new-password">New password:</label></dt>
<dd><input class="regin" type="password" name="new-password" title="new password" /></dd>]
(maybe-show-form-error error "cpw" "Different passwords")
#H[<dt><label for="confirm-password">Confirm password:</label></dt>
<dd><input class="regin" type="password" name="confirm-password" title="confirm password" /></dd>]
(maybe-show-form-error error "opw" "Wrong password")
#H[<dt><label for="password">Old password:</label></dt>
<dd><input class="regin" type="password" name="password" /></dd>
<dt /><dd><input type="submit" value="change password" /></dd>
#H[<form id="changemail" class="prefs" method="post"
<fieldset class="prefs">
(maybe-show-form-error error "email" "Bad email address")
#H[<dt><label for="email">New email:</label></dt>
<dd><input class="regin" type="text" name="email" title="new email"
value="${(if email email "")}" /></dd>]
(maybe-show-form-error error "pw" "Wrong password")
#H[<dt><label for="password">Confirm password:</label></dt>
#H[<dt><label for="password">Enter password:</label></dt>
<dd><input class="regin" type="password" name="password" /></dd>
<dt /><dd><input type="submit" value="change email" /></dd>
(redirect #/)))
;;; moderation
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