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acceptor.lisp Don't try to authenticate if virtual hosted wiki isn't matched
accounts.lisp Required longer minimum password on signup, lengthened generated rese…
article.lisp Added support for page links like _(real name|display name) like on w…
authentication.lisp Added background thread to expire old sessions
backlinks.lisp Added src/backlinks.lisp, forgot in previous commit
diff.lisp Added a backlink index to pages
dispatcher.lisp Got rid of permadelete
history.lisp Removed all the deleted article crap. To delete an article, just dele…
html-rendering.lisp Bound *header* for every page render
http-resource.lisp http-resource redirects to / when no redirect is given (ex: when refe…
indexes.lisp fix bug so that cliki2 can run with empty articles
markup.lisp Fixed a bug caused by the absence of blacklist file.
package.lisp Changed the way authentication cookies work, and made session trackin…
recent-changes.lisp Escaped HTML for titles
start.lisp Added access log
tools.lisp Added a list of all topics to tools
wiki.lisp Fixed a bug caused by the absence of blacklist file.
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