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(in-package #:uri-template)
(defvar uri-encode? t
"Controls whether URI encoding/escaping is done on the templated value.
True by default.")
;;; stolen from hunchentoot
(defun uri-encode (str)
"URI encodes/escapes the given string."
(with-output-to-string (s)
(loop for c across (flexi-streams:string-to-octets str :external-format :utf-8)
do (if (or (<= 48 c 57)
(<= 65 c 90)
(<= 97 c 122)
(find c '(45 95 46 126)))
(write-char (code-char c) s)
(format s "%~2,'0x" c)))))
(defun read-uri-template (stream &optional recursive-p)
"A function suitable for inserting into the readtable so you can
read URI templates from your own dispatch character."
(let ((*readtable* (copy-readtable))
(template-accumulator ())
(string-accumulator #1=(make-array 10
:element-type 'character
:adjustable t :fill-pointer 0))
(set-syntax-from-char #\} #\))
(flet ((collect-string ()
(when (< 0 (length string-accumulator))
(push string-accumulator template-accumulator)
(setf string-accumulator #1#))))
(loop until (member
(setf next-char (read-char stream nil #\Space recursive-p))
'(#\Space #\Newline #\Tab #\)))
do (if (char= #\{ next-char)
(progn (collect-string)
(push `(maybe-uri-encode
(progn ,@(read-delimited-list #\} stream))
) template-accumulator))
(vector-push-extend next-char string-accumulator))
finally (unread-char next-char stream) (collect-string))
(reverse template-accumulator))))
(defmacro maybe-uri-encode (x)
(if uri-encode? `(uri-encode (princ-to-string ,x)) x))
(defun uri-template (&rest template-args)
"The car of the list that the URI template reader produces. A
function or macro.
This symbol also names the named-readtables readtable that provides
the #U dispatch macro."
(format nil "~{~A~}" template-args))
(defun uri-template-reader (stream subchar arg)
(declare (ignore subchar arg))
`(uri-template ,@(read-uri-template stream t)))
(defun enable-uri-template-syntax ()
"Binds the #U dispatch character to read a URI template."
(set-dispatch-macro-character #\# #\U 'uri-template-reader)
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