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;;; (c) 2013 Vsevolod Dyomkin
(in-package #:nltk)
(named-readtables:in-readtable rutils-readtable)
;;; Texts, we'll be working with
(defclass text ()
((name :initarg :name)
(raw :initarg :raw :accessor text-raw)
(words :accessor text-words)
(ctxs :accessor text-ctxs)
(transitions :accessor text-transitions)
(dispersion :accessor text-dispersion)))
(defmethod print-object ((text text) stream)
(with-slots (name raw) text
(let ((len (length raw)))
(format stream "#<~A ~A... ~A>"
name (subseq raw 0 (min len 20)) len))))
(defmethod slot-unbound (class (obj text) (slot (eql 'words)))
(with-slots (raw words) obj
(format t "~&Tokenizing text...~%")
(prog1 (setf words (mapcan #`(cons "" (tokenize <basic-word-tokenizer> %))
(tokenize <paragraph-splitter> raw)))
(format t "Number of words: ~A~%" (length words)))))
(defmethod slot-unbound (class (obj text) (slot (eql 'ctxs)))
(with-slots (words ctxs) obj
(format t "~&Building word contexts...~%")
(prog1 (setf ctxs (index-context-freqs words))
(format t "Number of unique words: ~A~%" (length (ht-keys ctxs))))))
(defmethod slot-unbound (class (obj text) (slot (eql 'transitions)))
(rebuild-transitions obj 2))
(defmethod slot-unbound (class (obj text) (slot (eql 'dispersion)))
(with-slots (words dispersion) obj
(format t "~&Building dispersion table...~%")
(let ((ht (make-hash-table :test 'equal)))
(doindex (idx word words)
(set# word ht (cons idx (get# word ht))))
(prog1 (setf dispersion ht)
(format t "Number of words: ~A~%" (length (ht-keys dispersion)))))))
(defun nltk-text-file (name)
(merge-pathnames (fmt "nltk/data/~(~A~).txt" name)
(asdf:system-definition-pathname 'cl-nlp)))
(defvar *texts* (make-hash-table))
(defun load-nltk-texts (&optional (dir "data/"))
"Load and cache texts, that we'll use in the examples."
(dolist (text '(:moby :sense :genesis :inaugural :nps-chat))
(set# text *texts*
(make 'text :name text
:raw (string-trim +white-chars+
(read-file (nltk-text-file text))))))
(maphash #`(print %%) *texts*))
;;; Main functions
(defun concordance (text word &key (width 25) pass-newlines)
"Print contexts (up to WIDTH chars) of WORD usage in TEXT.
If PASS-NEWLINES isn't set, the context will be shown
up to the closest newline."
(grep word (text-raw text) :width 30 :pass-newlines pass-newlines))
(defun similar (text word &key (n 20))
"Find N most similar words to WORD in TEXT."
(let* ((ctxs (text-ctxs text))
(ctx (get# word ctxs))
(rez (make-hash-table :test 'equal)))
(maphash #`(let ((common (match-ctxs ctx %%)))
(unless (or (string= word %)
(zerop (hash-table-count common)))
(set# % rez (reduce #'+ (ht-vals common)))))
(take n (sorted-ht-keys '> rez))))
(defun common-contexts (text &rest words)
"Find matching contexts between WORDS in TEXT."
(with-slots (ctxs) text
(when-it (reduce #`(match-ctxs (get# %% ctxs) %)
(rest words)
:initial-value (get# (car words) ctxs))
(sorted-ht-keys '> it))))
(defun generate (text &key (n 20) (order 2))
"Generate random text of N words, based on TEXT."
(with-slots (transitions) text
(string-trim (append +white-chars+ +newline-chars+)
(fmt "~{~A ~}"
(generate-text (make 'markov-chain-generator :order order)
(if (= order
(length (car (ht-keys transitions))))
(rebuild-transitions text order))
(defun rebuild-transitions (text n)
"Rebuild transition index"
(with-slots (words transitions) text
(format t "~&Building prefix transitions index of length ~A...~%" n)
(prog1 (setf transitions (index-prefix-transition-freqs words :n n))
(format t "Number of prefixes: ~A~%" (length (ht-keys transitions))))))
(defun dispersion-plot (text &rest words)
"Plot dispersion of WORDS in TEXT."
(plot-dispersion words (dump-data-for-plot (reverse words)
(text-dispersion text))))
(defun lexical-diversity (text)
"Calculate lexical diversity measure of TEXT."
(with-slots (words) text
(/ (float (length words))
(hash-table-count (uniq words :raw t)))))
(defun percentage (count total)
"Return percentage of count / total."
(/ (* 100.0 count) total))
;;; Helper functions
(defun uniq (list &key raw case-insensitive)
"Return only unique elements from LIST either as a new list
or as hash-table if RAW is set. Can be CASE-INSENSITIVE."
(let ((uniqs (make-hash-table :test (if case-insensitive 'equalp 'equal))))
(dolist (elt list)
(set# elt uniqs t))
(if raw uniqs (ht-keys uniqs))))
(defun match-ctxs (word1-ctx word2-ctx)
"Find the intersection between WORD1-CTX and WORD2-CTX tables
and for each common context calculate the commonality weight."
(let ((rez (make-hash-table :test 'equal)))
(when (and word1-ctx word2-ctx)
(dolist (k (intersection (ht-keys word1-ctx) (ht-keys word2-ctx)
:test 'string=))
(set# k rez (* (get# k word1-ctx)
(get# k word2-ctx)))))
(defun dump-data-for-plot (words dispersion-table)
"Dump data from DISPERSION-TABLE for WORDS into a temporary file
and return its name."
(let ((filename (fmt "/tmp/~A" (gensym))))
(with-out-file (out filename)
(format out "0~t0~t~%")
(doindex (i word words)
(dolist (idx (get# word dispersion-table))
(format out "~A~t~A~t~A~%" idx (1+ i) word)))
(format out "0~t~A~t~%" (1+ (length words))))
(defun plot-dispersion (words file)
"Plot WORDS dispersion data from FILE."
(cgn:format-gnuplot "set title \"Lexical Dispersion Plot\"")
(cgn:format-gnuplot "plot \"~A\" using 1:2:yticlabels(3) title \"\"" file))
;;; Brown corpus information
#+manually (
(format t " Genre | Tokens | Types | Lexical Diversity")
(format t "~%--------------------+----------+---------+--------------------")
(maphash #`(with-accessors ((tokens (mapcar #'text-tokenized ;; TODO
(corpus-texts +brow-corpus+)))) %%
(let* ((words (mapcar #'token-word (flatten tokens)))
(words-count (length words))
(types-count (hash-table-count (uniq words :raw t))))
(format t "~&~20A| ~7A | ~6A | ~6,1F~%"
(subseq (symbol-name %)
0 (min 19 (length (symbol-name %))))
(/ (* 1.0 words-count) types-count))))