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;; For license see LICENSE
(cl:in-package #:rutils.core)
(named-readtables:in-readtable rutils-readtable)
(eval-when (:compile-toplevel)
(declaim #.+default-opts+))
(define-condition rutils-style-warning (simple-condition style-warning) ())
(defmacro eval-always (&body body)
"Wrap BODY in eval-when with all keys (compile, load and execute) mentioned."
`(eval-when (:compile-toplevel :load-toplevel :execute)
(eval-when (:compile-toplevel :load-toplevel :execute)
(defmacro abbr (short long &optional lambda-list)
"Abbreviate LONG macro or function name as SHORT.
If LAMBDA-LIST is present, also copy appropriate SETF-expander."
;; Lispworks signals error while abbreviating to keywords
;; SBCL has package locks when accessing built-in functionality
;; other similar things are probably possible in other implementations
(handler-bind ((error (lambda (e)
(let ((r (find-restart 'continue e)))
(when r
(warn 'rutils-style-warning
"Skipped error during abbreviation: ~A"
:format-arguments (list e))
(invoke-restart r))))))
((macro-function ',long)
(setf (macro-function ',short) (macro-function ',long))
#+ccl (setf (ccl:arglist ',short) (ccl:arglist ',long)))
((special-operator-p ',long)
(error "Can't abbreviate a special-operator ~a" ',long))
((fboundp ',long)
(setf (fdefinition ',short) (fdefinition ',long))
#+ccl (setf (ccl:arglist ',short) (ccl:arglist ',long))
,(when lambda-list
`(define-setf-expander ,short ,lambda-list
(values ,@(multiple-value-bind
(dummies vals store store-form access-form)
(cons long (remove-if (lambda (sym)
(member sym '(&optional &key)))
(let ((expansion-vals (mapcar (lambda (x) `(quote ,x))
(list dummies
(setf (second expansion-vals)
(cons 'list vals))
(error "Can't abbreviate ~a" ',long)))
(setf (documentation ',short 'function) (documentation ',long 'function))
;; symbols
(defun make-gensym-list (length &optional (x "G"))
"Return a list of LENGTH gensyms, using the second (optional,
defaulting to 'G') argument."
(let ((g (if (typep x '(integer 0)) x (string x))))
(loop :repeat length :collect (gensym g))))
(defmacro with-gensyms ((&rest names) &body body)
"Provide gensyms for given NAMES."
`(let ,(loop :for n :in names :collect `(,n (gensym)))
) ; end of eval-when
(abbr with-unique-names with-gensyms)
(defun ensure-symbol (obj &key (format "~a") package)
"Make a symbol in either PACKAGE or *PACKAGE* from OBJ according to FORMAT."
(intern (string-upcase (format nil format obj))
(or package *package*)))
(defun ensure-keyword (obj &key (format "~a"))
"Make a keyword from OBJ according to FORMAT."
(ensure-symbol obj :format format :package :keyword))
(defun package-symbols (package)
"List all symbols in a PACKAGE."
(loop :for sym :being :the :present-symbol :of package
:collect sym))
(defun package-internal-symbols (package)
"List all symbols in a PACKAGE that are not imported."
(let ((imported-syms (make-hash-table)))
(dolist (pkg (package-use-list package))
(do-external-symbols (sym pkg)
(setf (gethash sym imported-syms) t)))
(loop :for sym :being :the :present-symbol :of package
:unless (gethash sym imported-syms)
:collect sym)))
(defun package-external-symbols (package)
"List all symbols in a PACKAGE."
(loop :for sym :being :the :external-symbol :of package
:collect sym))
(defun re-export-symbols (from-package to-package)
"Make the exported symbols in FROM-PACKAGE be also exported from TO-PACKAGE."
(use-package from-package to-package)
(do-external-symbols (sym (find-package from-package))
(export sym (find-package to-package))))