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Addition of BIND and bug fixes

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vseloved committed Apr 17, 2012
1 parent bad2702 commit 711c0ff735ee818d35325769e8bfde49af700ccd
Showing with 54 additions and 13 deletions.
  1. +3 −1 core/packages.lisp
  2. +2 −1 core/readtable.lisp
  3. +48 −10 core/syntax.lisp
  4. +1 −1 rutils.asd
@@ -32,7 +32,9 @@
(:nicknames #:rutils.syntax)
(:documentation "Syntax extensions.")
(:use :common-lisp #:rutils.readtable #:rutils.symbol)
- (:export #:dcase
+ (:export #:bind
+ #:bind-dispatch
+ #:dcase
@@ -20,7 +20,8 @@ CL-USER> #{equalp \"a\" 1 \"b\" 2}
(test (when (oddp (length sexp))
(car sexp)))
(kv-pairs (if test (cdr sexp) sexp)))
- `(rutils.hash-table:hash-table-from-plist '(,@kv-pairs) :test (or ',test 'eql))))
+ (rutils.hash-table:hash-table-from-plist kv-pairs
+ :test (or test 'eql))))
(defun |#`-reader| (stream char arg)
"Literal syntax for zero/one/two argument lambdas.
@@ -69,7 +69,8 @@ CL-USER> (pecase '< 1
`(if (typep ,key 'cons)
(,case (car ,key)
,@(mapcar (lambda (clause)
- (destructuring-bind ((keys . lambda-list) &body body) clause
+ (destructuring-bind ((keys . lambda-list) &body body)
+ clause
(destructuring-bind ,lambda-list (cdr ,key)
@@ -227,12 +228,15 @@ returns the values of DEFAULT if no keys match."
(defmacro cswitch (&whole whole (object &key (test 'eql) (key 'identity))
&body clauses)
"Like SWITCH, but signals a continuable error if no key matches."
- (generate-switch-body whole object clauses test key '(cerror "Return NIL from CSWITCH.")))
+ (generate-switch-body whole object clauses test key
+ '(cerror "Return NIL from CSWITCH.")))
-(defmacro dotable (k v table &optional rez)
- (with-gensyms (pair slot)
+(defmacro dotable ((k v table &optional rez) &body body)
+ "Like DOLIST but iterates over key-value pairs (K V) in anything, that can be
+viewed as a table (hash-table, alist, plist, object)."
+ (with-gensyms (pair)
`(block nil
- (etypecase table
+ (etypecase ,table
(list (if (alistp ,table)
(dolist (,pair ,table)
(ds-bind (,k . ,v) ,pair
@@ -242,15 +246,49 @@ returns the values of DEFAULT if no keys match."
(hash-table (maphash (lambda (,k ,v)
- #+:closer-mop
- (object (dolist (,k (mapcar #'c2mop:slot-definition-name
- (c2mop:class-slots (class-of ,table))))
- (let ((,v (slot-value ,table ',k)))
- ,@body))))
+ (standard-object (dolist (,k (mapcar #'c2mop:slot-definition-name
+ (c2mop:class-slots
+ (class-of ,table))))
+ (let ((,v (slot-value ,table ',k)))
+ ,@body))))
(defmacro multiple-value-prog2 (first-form second-form &body forms)
"Evaluates FIRST-FORM, then SECOND-FORM, and then FORMS. Yields as its value
all the value returned by SECOND-FORM."
`(progn ,first-form (multiple-value-prog1 ,second-form ,@forms)))
+;; bind
+(defmacro bind ((&rest bindings) &body body)
+ "Bind variables from BINDINGS to be active inside BODY, as if by LET*,
+combined with MULTIPLE-VALUE-BIND, DESTRUCTURING-BIND and other -bind forms,
+depending on the type of the first argument."
+ (let ((rez body))
+ (dolist (binding (reverse bindings) (car rez))
+ (setf rez `((,@(funcall #'expand-binding binding rez)))))))
+(defun expand-binding (binding form)
+ (append (apply #'bind-dispatch binding)
+ form))
+(defgeneric bind-dispatch (arg &rest args)
+ (:method ((arg symbol) &rest args)
+ (if (cdr args)
+ `(multiple-value-bind (,arg ,@(butlast args)) ,(car (last args)))
+ `(let ((,arg ,(car args))))))
+ (:method ((arg list) &rest args)
+ `(destructuring-bind ,arg ,args))
+ (:method ((arg hash-table) &rest args)
+ `(let (,@(let (bindings)
+ (dotable (k v arg (reverse bindings))
+ (push (list v `(gethash ,k ,(car args)))
+ bindings)))))))
+(defmethod bind-dispatch ((arg string) &rest args)
+ (assert (cdr args))
+ `(ppcre:register-groups-bind ,(car args) (,arg ,(cadr args))))
@@ -6,7 +6,7 @@
(defsystem #:rutils
:name "Reasonable utilities"
- :version "2.0.0"
+ :version "2.0.1"
:maintainer "Vsevolod Dyomkin <>"
:licence "3-clause MIT licence"
:description "A reasonable collection of basic utilities for syntactic

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