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; 16-bit Fibonacci Number Generator for v8cpu
; Vanya A. Sergeev -
; 16-bit Fibonacci Numbers are computed and written sequentially across port A (high byte) and port B (low byte)
; R0:R1 = Fn-2
; R2:R3 = Fn-1
; R4:R5 = Fn
; R0:R1, R2:R3 initialize to 0
; Initialize R4:R5 to 0x0001
mov R4, 0x00
mov R5, 0x01
; Save a constant 1
mov R11, 0x01
; Save constant for 46368 (biggest 16-bit fibonacci number)
mov R8, 0xB5
mov R9, 0x20
; Address for portA (0x800) in R14:R15
mov R14, 0x08
mov R15, 0x00
mov R0, R2 ; Fn-2 (hi byte) <= Fn-1 (hi byte)
mov R1, R3 ; Fn-2 (lo byte) <= Fn-1 (lo byte)
mov R2, R4 ; Fn-1 (hi byte) <= Fn (hi byte)
mov R3, R5 ; Fn-1 (lo byte) <= Fn (lo byte)
; R4:R5 contains Fn-1, R0:R1 contains Fn-2
add R5, R1 ; Fn-1 + Fn-2 (lo bytes)
cmp R5, R3 ; Compare the new R5 to the old R5 (R3)
je fibContinue ; No carry occured if they're equal
jl addCarryBit ; If the new R5 is less than the old R5, we had an overflow
; and we need to add the carry bit
fibContinue: add R4, R0 ; Fn-1 + Fn-2 (hi bytes)
; Write R4 to portA, R5 to portB
mov R15, 0x00 ; R14:R15 = 0x0800 = port A address
mov MEM, R4
mov R15, 0x01 ; R14:R15 = 0x0801 = port B address
mov MEM, R5
; Check if we've reached 46368 (biggest 16-bit fibonacci number)
cmp R4, R8
jne fibLoop
cmp R5, R9
jne fibLoop
; Reset to initial conditions
mov R0, 0x00
mov R1, 0x00
mov R2, 0x00
mov R3, 0x00
mov R4, 0x00
mov R5, 0x01
jmp fibLoop
addCarryBit: add R4, R11 ; Hi byte += 1
jmp fibContinue