Adapter library for converting OpenSceneGraph Images and 3D models to Vulkan/VkSceneGraph
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osg2vsg is a small utility library that converts OpenSceneGraph images and 3D modules into VSG/Vulkan equivalents.

include/osg2vsg/ImageUtils.h functionality

Currently only loading and conversion of images are supported, provided by the include/osg2vsg/ImageUtils.h header. Three convenience functions are available:

To help map OpenGL image formats to Vulkan equivalents use osg2vsg::convertGLImageFormatToVulkan(GLenum dataType, GLenum pixelFormat) method. Vulkan only supports a subset of formats that OpenGL formats, so make sure they are compatible i.e. you must use RGBA rather than RGB. Typical usage:

osg::ref_ptr<osg::Image> image = osgDB::readImageFile("myfile.png");
GLenum dataType = image->getDataType();
GLenum pixelFormat = image->getPixelFormat();
VkFormat format = osg2vsg::convertGLImageFormatToVulkan(dataType, pixelFormat);

If the osg::Image is not a compatible format you can use the osg2vsg::formatImage(osg::Image* image, GLenum pixelFormat) function to convert the image to a new pixel format. typical usage:

osg::ref_ptr<osg::Image> image = osgDB::readImageFile("myfile.png");
if (image->getPixelFormat()!=GL_RGBA) image = formatImage(image.get(), GL_RGBA);

To provide a convenient way to load images and create a VSG/Vulkan compatible image the readImageFile(..) function, this uses the OpenSceneGraph to load an image, converts to a compatible Vulkan format if the image isn't already compatible, then sets and copies the image data to the Vulkan memory.

vsg::ImageData imageData = osg2vsg::readImageFile(device, commandPool, graphicsQueue, "myfile.png")

An example of osg2vsg::readImageFile(..) being used be be found in the vsgExamples repository's vsgdraw.

Building and installing osg2vsg

To build and install in source, with all dependencies installed in standard system directories:

git clone
cd osg2vsg
cmake .
make -j 8
sudo make install