Example programs that test and illustrate how to use the VSG and optional add-on libraries
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Example programs that test and illustrate how to use the VulkanSceneGraph/VkSceneGraph and optional add-on libraries. The example programs are grouped according to the type of features they illustrate their dependencies.

Core examples

The Core directory contains examples illustrate core class features of the VSG such as reference counting, maths, visitors etc.

Desktop examples

The Desktop directory contains examples use the VSG's native Windowing to create various different desktop graphics applications

Android examples

The Android directory contains examples illustrate how to create Android graphics applications

Osg/vsg examples

The Osg directory contains a small set of example that depend upon the core vsg library, Vulkan, and add the dependency on OpenSceneGraph. The osg examples are only built when both the VSG and OSG are available. These examples use the OSG for data and performance comparison purposes.

Quick Guide to Building the vsgExamples


  • C++17 compliant compiler i.e.. g++ 7.3 or later, Clang 6.0 or later, Visual Studio S2017 or later.
  • Vulkan 1.1 or later.
  • CMake 3.7 or later.
  • Under Linux and macOS : GLFW 3.3 or later. Used internally by libvsg. The plan is to implement native Windowing support so this dependency will later be removed, so far only Windows has native Windowing.
  • VulkanSceneGraphPrototype use master

Optional Dependencies:

The above dependency versions are known to work so they've been set as the current minimum, it may be possible to build against older versions. If you find success with older versions let us know and we can update the version info.

Command line build instructions:

To build and install in source, with all dependencies installed in standard system directories:

git clone https://github.com/vsg-dev/vsgExamples.git
cd vsgExmples
cmake .
make -j 8

Full details on how to build of the VSG can be found in the INSTALL.md file.

Running examples

After you have built the examples you should set your binary search path to the vsgExamples/bin directory, and the VSG_FILE_PATH env vars.

export PATH=/path/to/vsgExamples/bin
export VSG_FILE_PATH=/path/to/vsgExamples/data

Then run examples:

vsgmaths # run simple tests of vsg/maths functionality
vsgdraw # run the vsgdraw example (a port of VulkanTutorial)