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vsgdraw - port of VulkanTutorial

The vsgdraw example was developed during the ExplorationPhase as a test bed of the VSG Vulkan integration.

The VulkanTutorial was used as a guide for what Vulkan calls are required to create a window, set up state and geometry data for two textured quads, and render to depth buffered window. Feature wise the vsgdraw matches up to Depth Buffer stage of the tutorial, but is very different in C++ style and usage virtual of use of the VSG's Vulkan integration streamlining the Vulkan setup.

The vsgdraw.cpp, at 266 lines of code, is far more streamlined and readable than the original VulkanTutorial's 26_depth_buffering.cpp which has 1530 lines of code.

To run vsgdraw you will need to set the path to the shaders and textures by setting the env var VSG_FILE_PATH to the vsgExamples/data directory, and add the vsgExamples/bin directory to your system binary path. i.e


export VSG_FILE_PATH=/path/to/vsgExamples/data
export PATH=/path/to/vsgExamples/bin:${PATH}


set VSG_FILE_PATH drive:\path\to\vsgExamples\data
set PATH drive:\path\to\vsgExamples\bin

vsgdraw can be run without command line options, and will create a window with two textured quad rotating on screen. Press Escape to close the window.


vsgdraw also supports a set of command line options:

-d or --debug        # enable the Vulkan debug layer, outputs to console
-a or --api          # enable Vulkan API dump layer, outputs all vulkan
-f                   # specify the number of frames to render before exit
--num-windows <num>  # specify the number of windows to open
-w or --window <width> <height> # specify the dimension of the window to open