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Code Generation

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Note: the features on this page all require Haxe 4.0.0-preview.4 or newer.


Whenever you select an unimported type from completion, an import is added to the top of the file automatically:

If you'd prefer the fully qualified path to be inserted instead, you can disable auto-imports like this:

"haxe.codeGeneration": {
   "imports": {
       "enableAutoImports": false

Expected Type Completion

Expected type completion can be used in places where a certain type is expected. Use the regular completion shortcut (Ctrl+Space) to trigger it.

Object Literals

For generating object literals, there are two choices: generate an object literal with all fields, or just the ones that are required / non-optional.


Expected type completion can also be used in places where a function type is expected:

Override Completion

After typing the override keyword, you are offered a list of functions you can currently override. Selecting one of them will generate the code for it, complete with imports.

Pattern Completion

When selecting an enum constructor from completion inside a pattern (after a case in a switch), capture variables for the arguments are auto-inserted:


There's a number of ways to customize how generated functions should look like. The following are the default settings, which apply to both Expected Type Completion and Override Completion.

"haxe.codeGeneration": {
    "functions": {
        "anonymous": {
            "argumentTypeHints": false,
            "explicitNull": false,
            "returnTypeHint": "non-void",
            "useArrowSyntax": true
        "field": {
            "argumentTypeHints": true,
            "explicitNull": false,
            "explicitPrivate": false,
            "explicitPublic": false,
            "placeOpenBraceOnNewLine": false,
            "returnTypeHint": "always"