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The vshaxe extension supports the following settings. They can be configured in user or workspace settings file (.vscode/settings.json):

Feature-specific configuration

For configuration of specific features, please refer to their respective sub-pages:

Haxe Executable

You can change the executable used for Tasks and the display server with the "haxe.executable" setting:

"haxe.executable": "C:\\HaxeToolkit\\haxe\\haxe.exe"

You can also have more complex settings that include environment variables or OS-specific properties:

"haxe.executable": {
    "path": "haxe", // path to the executable (default: `haxe`)
    "env": { // environment variables for Haxe
        "HAXE_STD_PATH": "/some/path",
        "SOME_VAR": "some_value",
    // platform-specific overrides of the keys above
    // they will be merged into the default configuration
    "windows": {},
    "linux": {},
    "osx": {}

Display Configurations and Display Server

    "haxe.displayConfigurations": [ // one or more configurations for the haxe completion server
        ["-cp", "src", "-js", "main.js"], // a configuration is array of arguments passed to the completion server
        ["build.hxml"], // hxml file is a normal Haxe argument too
    "haxe.displayServer": { // configuration for starting haxe completion server itself
        "arguments": ["-v"], // arguments before --wait (-v is useful for debugging)

Beware that display configurations specified in "haxe.displayConfigurations" should only contain arguments suitable for completion, such as -cp, -lib, -D and target output (-js, -cpp, etc.). This is particularly important when specifying an .hxml file for completion: make sure it doesn't contain --next, --each and other arguments not suitable for completion.

Multiple Display Configurations

Multiple display configurations are useful when working with a codebase that is meant to be compiled for different Haxe targets, or with a different set of defines. If there is more than one configuration provided in the "haxe.displayConfigurations" setting, when a .hx file is open, a selection appears in the status bar allowing to switch current display configuration:

The same menu can also be shown by using Haxe: Select Configuration command from the command palette or a keybinding.

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