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Jens Fischer edited this page Jul 31, 2018 · 3 revisions

VSCode has some basic, indentation-based folding that works for all languages built-in (so you can fold {} blocks etc). The Haxe extension however provides a custom folding implementation that better understands Haxe syntax, adding the following features:

Import Folding

The imports / usings section in a module can be collapsed:

Conditional Compilation Folding

There are folding markers for #if, #else and #elseif, so conditional compilation blocks can be collapsed:

Multi-Line String and Array Literal Folding

Multi-line string and array literals can be folded as well:

Region Folding

You can also use single-line comments to define "regions" of code that can be collapsed:

The following three styles are supported:

  • // #region <name> - // #endregion
  • // region <name> - // end region
  • // { region <name> - // } endregion

Regions can also be nested.

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