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Updated Portfolio Page


Required: Update your Portfolio Site -- Employer Ready

To receive a passing grade on this assignment, you should meet all of the content and design requirements listed below as well as all of the requirements listed under "Polish Your Portfolio & Github" in the "Employer Ready" section of the Employer Ready vs. Employer Competitive Checklist. These two sets of requirements should be mostly the same.


Your updated site should have the following content:

  • List of projects. For each project make sure you have the following:

    • Project title

    • Link to the deployed version

    • Link to the code on GitHub


Suggested: Update Portfolio -- Employer Competitive

To receive an "A" on this assignment, you should also meet the following requirements to ensure your portfolio site will help you be employer competitive.

Competitive Content

  • Update your LinkedIn with the projects you've worked on so far
  • Suggested: refactor some of your code from earlier assignments to make them more readable

Competitive Design

Unfortunately, this is where it gets a little bit subjective. Your site should look "polished." Here are a few guidelines on what that means:

  • Mobile-first design: you should be proud to pull out your phone and share your portfolio site with a friend, family member, or someone at a meetup.

  • Polish: choose a color palette for your site so it doesn't just look like the default bootstrap theme or an unstyled HTML site.

  • Images: add a meaningful screenshot for each of your projects

If you want a slick-looking site, but don't feel good about your CSS skills, check out CV, Resume, and Portfolio site templates on ThemeForest