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Warning: Work in progress. Code reviews and contributions are more than welcome!

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What is Blynk?

Blynk provides iOS and Android apps to control any hardware over the Internet or directly using Bluetooth. You can easily build graphic interfaces for all your projects by simply dragging and dropping widgets, right on your smartphone. Blynk is the most popular IoT platform used by design studios, makers, educators, and equipment vendors all over the world.

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Blynk App: Google Play | App Store

Blynk Server


Social: Webpage / Facebook / Twitter / Kickstarter
Help Center:
Community Forum:
Examples Browser:
Blynk for Business:

Usage example

import BlynkLib
import time

BLYNK_AUTH = 'YourAuthToken'

# Initialize Blynk
blynk = BlynkLib.Blynk(BLYNK_AUTH)

# Register Virtual Pins
def my_write_handler(value):
    print('Current V1 value: {}'.format(value))

def my_read_handler():
    # this widget will show some time in seconds..
    blynk.virtual_write(2, time.ticks_ms() // 1000)

# Start Blynk (this call should never return)


pip install blynk-library-python


  • Python 2 and Python 3
  • Windows, Linux, OSX
  • Micropython (PyCom WiPy, LoPy)
  • Virtual pins (see examples)


For some devices (like PyCom WiPy) you need to setup internet connection first:

from network import WLAN

WIFI_SSID = 'YourWiFiNetwork'
WIFI_AUTH = (WLAN.WPA2, 'YourWiFiPassword')

wlan = WLAN(mode=WLAN.STA)
wlan.connect(WIFI_SSID, auth=WIFI_AUTH, timeout=5000)

Implementations for other platforms


This project is released under The MIT License (MIT)