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TPTag v0.1.1

Two-Player Text Adventure Game. Yeeeah.

npm install tptag to use.

var TPTag = require('tptag');

var app = TPTag();

app.players(['Bro', 'Scotty']);
app.initState({bro: 'south'});

app.begin('Bro', 'Yo, Bro.');
app.begin('Scotty', 'HEY SCOTTY!!');

app.action('Bro', ['go', 'walk', 'head'], function(req, state) {
  if (req.tokens[1] === 'north') {'BRO IS GOING NORTH!!!');
    state.bro = 'north';
  } else {
    req.player.notify('You can\'t go that way.');

app.action('Scotty', 'smell', function(req, state) {
  if (state.bro === 'north') {
    req.player.notify('You can\'t smell the bro anymore.');
  } else {
    req.player.notify('You\'re a dog. You love smelling things. MMMM.');

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