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@vsilaev vsilaev released this Feb 16, 2019 · 32 commits to master since this release

This is a major release that adds full support for Java 9+ (up to Java 11 inclusive). Additionally, there are a lot of improvements for Java agents functionality.

  1. Tools now supports Java 11 bytecode.
  2. All artifacts are multi-versioned modular JAR-s that works with Java versions 1.6 to 11.
  3. Shaded version of ObjectWeb ASM 7.0 is used instead of "raw" ASM.
  4. commons-logging (outdated, non-modular) is replaced with SLF4J (modular).
  5. In generated classes marker static field is replaced with marker continuation @Skip -- necessary to let agents re-transform classes when attached dynamically (it's forbidden to add methods/fields, even static ones).
  6. Run-time Java agents now correctly re-transform classes.
  7. Checking core java classes by name is replaced with checks by classloader, anything below System Class Loader (boot + extension, or platform) is considered a source of core java classes.
  8. Checks for marker interfaces that mark non-continuable classes is now externalized and extensible
  9. ContinuableClassLoader is refactored.
  10. Some extensions to SPI interfaces are introduced to support functionality mentioned above.
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