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Gama Gateway RDF Repository and GAMA data model
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IMPORTANT: The Gama Gateway project was finished in 2009 and is not maintained anymore! Gama Gateway logo

Gama Gateway RDF Repository

However, the RDF-Repository developed through the Gama Gateway project is a self-contained application that might be interesting also from outside of the Gama Gateway community. It consists of the following components:

  • GamaLib: Code shared also by other components in the Gama Gateway project.
  • GamaRepository: Code specific to the RDF-repository.
  • GamaSchema: Metamodel used in the Gama Gateway project.
  • GamaSync: A set of scripts (simple REST api) that implements update of the repository content.
  • GamaLevenshtein: MySQL UDF extensions for computing Levenshtein distance.

The Gama schema is modeled in OWL using a RDF/XML notation.

Screenshots from the last running instance

Other links (some of them might not work anymore)

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