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My github-based homepage
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Switching from my old wiki-based homepage to github hosting.

some links

before I migrate completely...

  • biggis : Project that I'm coordinating till 2018.
  • 500px : My 500px profile as a photographer.
  • cadface : Co-founded an interior design studio in Prague.

selected github repos

  • corrplot : I'm a co-author of this popular R package useful for data exploration and visualization.
  • biwavelet : Also an R pacakge that I contributed to (continous wavelet transform).
  • figconv : A tool for scientific writing to convert multiple formats to PDF.
  • dqh-amiga : An old platformer game for Amiga 500.
  • twikilib-php : An API to TWiki database for PHP programmers.
  • gama-gateway : RDF-repository developed through the Gama Gateway project in 2009.

academic career

  • scholar : Overview of my scientific contributions (google scholar)
  • fzi-ipe : Our department at FZI (since 2015)
  • kit-ipd-sdq : The group of Prof. Ralf Reussner, there I was a postdoc in 2013-2015
  • d3s : I studied PhD at D3S (Charles Uni. in Prague) in 2009-2013
  • d3s-pubs : Publications at D3S
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