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<title>Years in the making.</title>
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<div class="topRight"> Last updated on Saturday, August 18th, 2018 </div>
<pre style="bandNames">
Chatroom Anxiety
Floating Point Prostitutes
Contrast Kills
The Ruthless Pragmatists
Dolphin Acid Handjob
Dead Programmers Society
Sugarfree Salt
Segmentation Violation
Critical Political
Fabric of the Metropolis
La Petite Mort
Copy On Write
(pure Nothing) -- haskell band
Mammalian Diving Reflex
The Dunning-Kruger Effect
The Baader Meinhof Phenomenon
Contingency Handler
Community Theory
Airport Pornography
Patriotic Sleeper Cell
The Totalitarian Art Gallery
Manic Pixie Dream Girl
Conscious Mouse Magic Motorcycle
Chemical Condition
Lifestyle Maintenance
Fumar Mata
Formalizing Ignorance
Post Lunch
Post brunch
GIF Party
What A Shame
Superuser Do
Time To Live
Stage Banter
Cat Society
Casino of Nations
Kale Cæsar
Community Theater
Fashion Theory
Flavor Dimension
Yelling Tenant
Drinks At The Arcade
Plant Kingdom
Cloud Migration
Derek and the Nasely As
Business Meeting Bobbleheads
Deaf Sex
Blind Man's Dream
Metaphorical Proximity
Semantic Pickle
Vaguely Inuit
Grape Assassin
Womb Instinct
Recurse Into Madness
All Way Walk
Fractal Machines
Jaded Optimism
Fringe Passion
If True Then True
Nose Blindness
sudobangbang (sudo!!) (SudoBangBang)
Agent Belief State
Bishop Complex
Propane Manifold
Acceleration Couch
Jargon and Memes
Same Old Neighborhood Gang (SONG)
Infinite Bee Machine
Shockingly Fortified
Liberal Democracy
Regulated Garbage
Omelette Vortex
Big O
Emotions of the Post-Apocalypse
Brag Function
Under London
Beehive Vibe
Rotten Strawberry
*** (starstarstar)
Slightly Spongebob
Salad Generator
Rod Logic
Autistic Heuristic
Phonetic Nuance - 2/20/2017
Alpine Aspirations - 3/11
Taxicab Geometry - 3/15
Geological Cunnilingus - 5/3
Proletariat Linguistics - 6/9
Brainforest - 6/14
Dying Limes - 12-2
Float the Couch - 2/17/18
Common Protocols - 7/26/18
Virgin Concrete - 8/3/18
Actual Solution - 8/11/18
To The Memory Of Kant's Confusion
Are These The Puppeteers of the Universe
Whisperings about the DILF
Vaguely Defined Parameters of Well-Funded Success
Some Clouds Look Like Animals We Haven't Invented Yet
Room Temperature Milk Products
A Bad Attitude Towards Infinity
The Sandwich Was Her
Jaws of Decoherence
A Moat Of Compassion
Implicit Winking
Dream Bacon 6/1/2017
Dance Before Progeny
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