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ioMarks - unofficial simple front end for bookmarking website (by Anthony Feint). It lets you perform Google search for content only in your bookmarked websites. Works in local computer or on any server. ioMarks uses responsive design so you can use it from your tablets and smartphones.

As I use bookmarks as long-term memories, I've always forget what I've already bookmarked and I'm searching same things again and again (and bookmarking them too). So I decided to write tool which lets me search for content within my bookmarks before performing deep search.

Live preview

You can check live demo at


  • Create account at;
  • (see note at the bottom) at the bottom of site there are link to generate your API key, generate one and copy it;
  • clone this repo;
  • (see note at the bottom) in the js/main.js file replace token string with your API token:
// ------ Replace this API token with yours -----
var ioToken = "0ceb21edbfbc00680f9c3c061b5d731a";
// ----------------------------------------------
  • open index.html in browser and search something with some or all categories selected.
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: recently I saw that changed its design and API generation isn't accessible (you can still access API description directly by this link, but link to key generation returns errors), so if you want to use it - you should ask API key from creator.