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Latest commit 99abc8b Jul 28, 2016 @ryan-phillips ryan-phillips committed with Use *dependencies* property even if *compile-commands* is not set (#77)
The *dependencies* property may be used to build generated headers before
the source files that include them are compiled.

Resolves: #46


  1. Using Bakefile

If you obtained one of the prebuilt packages (MSI or ZIP file for windows or
the -bin.tar.bz2 tarball for Unix and OS X), then you can simply unpack it
somewhere and run the 'bkl' tool in its top directory.

On Windows, you don't need anything else, bkl.exe is self-contained executable.
On other systems, you must have Python (2.6 or newer) installed.

  2. Documentation

Documentation is generated by scripts in the docs/ subdirectory. Up to date
version is always available from

  3. Reporting bugs etc.

Source code repository, bug tracker, wiki:

  4. Building from sources

You'll need the following to compile Bakefile from sources obtained from
the git repository:

1. Python >= 2.6+

2. Sphinx documentation tool. Install it with

       easy_install Sphinx

3. If you want to run the test suite, you'll need py.test too:

       easy_install pytest

4. Some additional modules are used if available, but are not required:

       easy_install clint    (for colorized output)

Once all tools are installed, you can build Bakefile by running `make`. This
generates the parser from ANTLR grammar and build the HTML documentation.