Latest release

@vadz vadz released this Jul 28, 2014 · 56 commits to master since this release

Changes in this release:

New Features

  • Support "config" variable for choosing debug/release configuration in
    "gnu" toolset.
  • Support "builddir" variable in "gnu" toolset for out of source builds.
  • Allow specifying "outputs" property for the actions in makefiles.
  • Allow using settings with MSVS toolsets.
  • Generate makefiles which don't allow creation of shared libraries or
    loadable modules with undefined symbols.

Bug fixes

  • Don't define _USRDLL unnecessarily in the generated MSVS projects.
  • Use correct (-Kpic) flag with Sun cc C compiler instead of wrong "-pic".

Other Changes

  • Include ANTLR 3.5.1 binaries in the source tree to make Bakefile build out
    of the box without any extra dependencies.



@vslavik vslavik released this Dec 20, 2013 · 92 commits to master since this release

  • Add --diff-only option to only see changes to the generated files.
  • Visual Studio 2013 release.
  • Various fixes and stuff.



@vslavik vslavik released this Jul 5, 2013 · 108 commits to master since this release

  • Fixed a bug in .sln files creation when a target was excluded from a configuration.



@vslavik vslavik released this Jul 2, 2013 · 110 commits to master since this release

Changes since 1.2.1:

  • Implement exclusion of sources and targets in VS backends.
  • Fix incorrect resolution of inheritable properties.