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First off, it looks like you've put together a terrific pdf differencing tool and I can't wait to get it working. However, I confess I was not able to build it. I'm using Ubuntu (Karmic) Linux. First the README says to do the usual ./configure ; make ; make install', however the repository doesn't seem to include the configure script. So, I ranautoreconf' and got one. That script was runnable, but it would fail for lack of a Makefile.in, and configure wouldn't make one. I took out the AM_MAINTAINER_MODE macro and reran autoreconf', but then it complained about a missing NEWS and ChangeLog files. Aftertouch NEWS ChangeLog', I was able to get a configure script and a Makefile. Unfortunately, `make' bombed with:

diff-pdf.cpp: In function ‘int main(int, char)’:
diff-pdf.cpp:829: error: no matching function for call to ‘wxInitializer::wxInitializer(int&, char
/usr/include/wx-2.8/wx/init.h:76: note: candidates are: wxInitializer::wxInitializer(int, wxChar**)
/usr/include/wx-2.8/wx/init.h:73: note: wxInitializer::wxInitializer(const wxInitializer&)

I have wxWidgets 2.8, by the way, and the configure script seemed to pass all the tests.

I'll take a look at it and see if I can coax a working build out of it on my system. Just wanted to let you know. Thanks! Cheers.


You simply have to run the ./bootstrap script -- this is common practice with autotools-based builds. Anyway, thanks, I added a note about it to README.

I'll have a look at wx-2.8 compilation errors shortly. As a quick fix, you can use wx 2.9 or 2.8 in ANSI configuration.


I updated the checks to require wx >= 2.8.11 (where this ctor form was added), I don't think it's worth working around for older wx versions. (Just to be clear, I'd accept such a patch, I'm just not going to invest the time myself.)


Clarified the need to bootstrap autotools files.

Closed by 617db40.


Well, if this is the way things are done - I hope this makes it into the diff-pdf main code

It won't, sorry. Another year later, I consider the bug fixed by requiring wx >= 2.8.11. Should you insist on using an older version (despite 2.8.11 being two years old), I describe a workaround above: just use the ANSI build. If that's still not good enough, I'd accept a clean good patch for 2.8.10 support. But I'm not going to include convoluted piece of code that you clearly copied from somewhere (read: licensing issues) and that duplicates functionality that already exists in wxWidgets. You could have easily done the same using wx's own APIs -- just see its implementation of the other wxInitializer form.

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