GNU gettext tools compiled binaries for Windows
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GNU gettext tools for Windows

This is an unofficial build of GNU gettext tools for Windows. The repository contains build scripts, but there are also up-to-date binaries published at, as well as a NuGet package.

It is a spin-off project from my translations editor Poedit:

How to build it

The easiest way to use these tools is to just download the binaries or use the Gettext.Tools NuGet package.

If you prefer to build it yourself, it's simple enough:

  1. You need to have a recent version of MinGW installed, including the mingw-get tool.
  2. Run the ./ command from the MinGW shell to install required packages.
  3. Run make dist or make archive to build everything.

Good luck, building GNU gettext on MinGW tends to break once in a while due to MinGW or gettext or gnulib changes (hence this project...).


The LICENSE file in this directory applies to GNU gettext itself, which is licensed under GPLv3. The makefiles and scripts for building it on Windows are in the public domain.

I'm @vslavik on Twitter.