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Version 1.5 (not yet released)
- replaced popups when Poedit is started for the first time with
unobtrusive Firefox-style notifications
- selecting suggested translation from right-click popup menu now
correctly removes fuzzy flag from the translation
- warn the user if Plural-Forms header is inconsistent with the number
of plural translations in the catalog or if has syntax errors
- correctly deduce catalog's language from filenames in the form of
foo.LANG.po, as used by several large Open Source projects (#267)
- Boost library is now required when compiling from sources
- fixed the Find window so that it can be closed using the Esc key (#187)
- positions of translation fields are now remembered correctly when
Poedit window is maximized (#194)
- added Edit->Clear translation command (Marcin Floryan)
- removed View->Fullscreen view, it doesn't make sense in this kind of app
- better application and document icons
- removed the "Shaded translations list" option, it's now always enabled
- misc minor UI improvements
- fixed possible transaction memory database corruption (#337, #352)
- added instructions on how to install additional spellchecker dictionaries
- added sorting by different criteria (#256, #239)
- improved source files viewer (#346)
- included outdated documentation was replaced with online wiki docs (#343)
- more keyboard navigation shortcuts
- saving PO files no longer reformats source code references (#323);
moreover, they are always formatted according to the default style
used by GNU gettext tools (#348)
- don't restore remembered window positions if they are outside currently
available screens (#318)
- changed Alt+ shortcuts to non-conflicting Ctrl+ ones: "Copy From Source
Text" now uses Ctrl+B and "Translation Is Fuzzy" Ctrl+U
- added more translations:
Bosnian translation (Kenan Dervisevic)
Tajik (Victor Ibragimov)
Kurdish Sorani (Asos Ap)
Version 1.4.6
- OS X: fixed TM configuration tab to show languages list
- fixed bug introduced in 1.4.3 that caused "Update from POT file"
to clear metadata in catalog header (#355)
- added Kazakh translation (Baurzhan Muftakhidinov)
Version 1.4.5
- OS X: fixed Find to actually show hits in text control
- OS X: fixed "Check for updates" preference broken by 1.4.4
Version 1.4.4
- sort catalogs in the manager alphabetically (#245)
- fixed escaping of quotes in catalog headers (#290)
- fixed reformatting of obsolete entries in catalogs (#329)
- fixed list selection visibility on Windows 7 (#336)
- Windows: automatically check for available updates
Version 1.4.3
- Unix: fixed crash with Zemberek spell-checker backend installed (#276)
- fixed parsing of catalogs produced with xgettext --indent (#189)
- fixed TM updating broken in 1.3.5 (#294)
- support GNOME's xml2po file references (#314)
- fixed handling of "%" in filenames (#143)
- added more translations:
Vietnamese (Trần Ngọc Quân)
Uzbek (Oybek Djuraev)
Version 1.4.2
- Unix: fixed Ctrl+Up/Down/PgUp/PgDn shortcuts when NumLock is on (#2006843)
- OS X: fixed running Gettext tools when Poedit is in directory with
spaces in its name (#2025823)
- added Uyghur translation (Abduqadir Abliz)
Version 1.4.1
- fixed HTML export to properly escape the text (#1739062)
- remember last used search phrase in Find window (#1909847)
- Windows: fixed text entry using AltGr on many European keyboards
Version 1.4
- wxWidgets >= 2.8 is now required when compiling from sources
- don't show comments windows by default to avoid confusion
- OS X: fixed conflict with 10.5's Spaces - Command-arrows can now be used
to navigate in the list control in addition to Ctrl-arrows
- Windows, OS X: significantly faster updating of catalogs on multi-core
machines (on Linux, some distributions included multi-threaded gettext,
some don't)
- fixed remaining problems with list selection
- use more standard way of differentiating between different kinds of
entries in the list (translated, fuzzy, new) by using font variants
instead of different background colors (#1863332)
- don't update PO-Revision-Date header if it's unused (#1900298)
- Windows: common shortcuts like Ctrl-A or Ctrl-backspace now work
- added Belarusian latin translation (Alaksandar Navicki)
Version 1.3.9
- OS X: fixed corruption of first entry when opening catalog from manager
Version 1.3.8
- OS X: fixed startup on computers that didn't have Poedit installed before
- fixed translation status color indicator to work correctly in case
of plural entries
- changed the official spelling from "poEdit" to "Poedit"
- preserve old msgid records (#| msgid "...") when saving
- preserve deleted records when updating catalogs
- preserve msgctxt entries in catalogs (#1680554)
- OS X: Sparkle is now used for automatic updates
- OS X: fixed spell checker to use catalog's language
- fixed View->Display quotes setting broken in 1.3.7
- Windows: fixed crash when catalog update removes translations
- added more translations:
Irish (Seanán Ó Coistín)
Version 1.3.7
- Windows: Windows 95/98 is no longer supported by the official binary
- OS X: Poedit is now built as Universal binary
- fixed the Preferences menu entry in catalogs manager
- fixed to handle file references with Windows paths on Unix
- fixed the "failed to convert to unicode" bug when saving (#1589744)
- OS X: fixed clicking on PO files in Finder (#1583967)
- fixed opening source files in external editor if the path contains
spaces (#1743172)
- Windows: fixed keyboard navigation in Find dialog (#1697743)
- added more translations:
Urdu (Muhammad Shakir Aziz)
Version 1.3.6
- fixed failure to load correct catalogs without error message
- fixed loading of X-Poedit-Language header (#1567018)
- fixed loading of files in charsets other than UTF-8 (#1562780)
- fixed shortcuts on Mac OS X to not use Alt+something
Version 1.3.5
- fixed Content-Type header parsing (bug #1346495)
- Unicode build of wxWidgets 2.6 is now required
- fixed bug with entering numbers when using German translation (#1325590)
- fixed broken layout on startup when showing comments window (#1313612)
- initial Mac OS X port
- fixed crash when loading some invalid PO files (#1495970)
- fixed the Find window to not be on top of other apps' windows
- install .desktop files and icons according to standards
- changed the icons to a combination of Tango Desktop Project and Silk icons
- removed on-the-fly checking of catalog items, it's too buggy
- added more translations:
Macedonian (Jovan Kostovski)
Arabic (Mohammed al zaid)
Thai (Pun)
Malay (Mahrazi Mohd Kamal)
Version 1.3.4
- fixed crash when closing the application
- fixed searching in catalogs (bug #1230857)
- fixed restoring window size when maximized
- fixed reading of files with trailing whitespace on lines
- use standard accelerators for Close command
- fixed "Copy original to translation field" to work on singular form entries
in catalogs that contain plural forms
- added Tatarish translation (Albert Fazli)
Version 1.3.3
- added ability to create bookmarks (Olivier Sannier)
- improved status icons (Olivier Sannier)
- more robust parsing of catalog headers
- saving into read-only file now fails as expected
- fixed saving of gettext keywords with commas in them
- added more translations:
Galician (Leandro Regueiro)
Indonesian (Bayu Artanto)
Friulian (Andrea Decorte)
Finnish (Keikki Suopanki)
Version 1.3.2
- fixed bogus warnings when updating from a POT file
- added "New catalog from POT file" feature
- added ability to display automatic comments in the UI (Olivier Sannier)
- translations manager now searches subdirectories as well (David Fraser)
- the Find tool can now optionally search from current position instead of
from the beginning of the catalog (Olivier Sannier)
- fixed TM to not crash on catalogs with non-ASCII msgid values
- fixed catalog parser to correctly preserve automatic comments with
duplicate lines and to not ignore every second automatic comment
(Olivier Sannier)
- added ability to search comments (Olivier Sannier)
- Poedit now preserves obsolete translations (Olivier Sannier)
- added checking of input files' correctness
- fixed parsing of "\\n" substrings in catalog headers
- fixed compilation with wxWidgets >= 2.5.3
- fixed Find to search in all plural forms instead of only the first one
- added "whole words only" option to Find tool (Olivier Sannier)
- added default parsers for more programming languages supported by xgettext
- Windows: fixed list control corruption when updated catalog had fewer items
than before the update
- added more translations:
Korean (Hojin Choi)
Hebrew (Nir Lavi)
Kyrgyz (Ilyas Bakirov)
Ukrainian (Cawko Xakep)
Puerto Rico Spanish (Fernando Ortiz)
Asturian (Softastur)
Version 1.3.1
- fixed assertion failure when viewing source files in the builtin viewer
- fixed wrong escaping of backslashes in X-Poedit-* headers
- fixed parsing of references to filenames containing spaces (Shane Harper)
- fixed crash with catalogs that have plural forms but no Plural-Forms header
- fixed parsing of the line following last msgstr[i] entry (bug #1025211)
- fixed controls layout when compiled against wxWidgets 2.4
Version 1.3.0
- plural forms support (based on patch by Christophe Hermier and Guido Flohr)
- fixed catalog I/O to correctly handle automatic comments (Tim Dijkstra)
- Windows: visual improvements to main window (Tim Kosse)
- usability improvements
- fixed storing of non-ASCII catalog headers
- Poedit now preserves non-standard entries in PO file header
- Poedit now respects c-format and no-c-format when checking tokens correctness
- position in translations list is no longer lost when saving the file
- configure now correctly detects libdb4 with versioned symbols
- "Find" tool now selects matches in text controls (Sergio Talens-Oliag)
- use msgfmt for tokens validation
- double-clicking on invalid entry now pops up error description
- Unix: use GNOME theme icons if they are installed on the system
- Unix: use GtkSpell for spell checking (GTK+ 2 only)
- Poedit no longer saves .po.poedit file, the headers were moved into
custom X-Poedit-* fields in .po file header
- added more translations:
Punjabi (Amanpreet Singh Alam)
Albanian (Besnik Bleta)
Amharic (Tegegne Tefera)
Hindi (Dhananjaya Sharma)
Esperanto (Tim Morley)
Belarusian (Siarhei)
Breton (Korvigellou an Drouizig)
Walloon (Pablo Saratxaga)
Bangla (Omi Azad)
Basque (3ARRANO Euskalgintza Taldea)
Version 1.2.5
- added catalog export to HTML (Christophe Hermier)
- fixed bug in displaying list entries in ANSI build introduced in 1.2.4
- fixed opening of source files specified using absolute path
- Poedit now preserves fuzzy status if set after partially editing an entry
- many fixes to comment window (Olivier Sannier)
- comment window is now (optionally) editable (Olivier Sannier)
- fixed preferences dialog if translation memory is not used (Olivier Sannier)
- added printf() tokens validation (Frederic Giudicelli)
(requires wxWidgets >= 2.5.1 in Unicode build)
- added ability to specify source code charset other than US-ASCII
(based on patch by Stefan Kowski)
- added Mongolian translation (Mendbayar Bayar, Khurelbaatar Lkhagvasuren)
Version 1.2.4
- added optional comment window to the bottom of main screen
(based on patch by Olivier Sannier, still not fully functional)
- added "Automatically translate using TM" operation to the Catalog menu
- Windows: upgraded bundled gettext to 0.12.1
- fixed .po files parser to read files created by xgettext -i
- added ability to customize fonts
- Windows: added support for Delphi via dxgettext (
- translation memory wizard fixes for multiple languages case
- comments and msgid strings are stored using catalog's charset and are
not limited to US-ASCII anymore (based on patch by Stefan Kowski)
Version 1.2.3
- fixed compilation with Berkeley DB 4.1.25
- fixed disappearing catalog status information
- fixed bug in redrawing overview list on startup
- added more translations:
Serbian (Bojan Suzic)
Portuguese (Lazarus Long)
Hungarian (Szilard Vizi)
Lithuanian (Mantas Kriauciunas, Liudas Dmitrijevas, Kestutis Snieska,
Ramunas Lukasevicius)
Farsi (Abbas Izad)
Afrikaans (Petri Jooste)
Slovenian (Luka Marinko)
Version 1.2.2
- Poedit now correctly differentiates between Traditional and Simplified
- optimizations for better handling of catalogs with very large entries
- Mac: compilation fixes for buggy gcc 3.1 snapshot used by MacOS X
- added country metadata into catalog settings dialog
- Windows: it is now possible to change UI language directly in Poedit
- added catalog updating from POT files
- more intuitive UI for translation memory creation
- added more translations:
partial Greek translation (Simos Xenitellis)
Japanese (Masapon)
Simplified Chinese (Leo Liaw)
Russian (Pavel Maryanov)
Norwegian Bokmål (Hans Fr. Nordhaug)
Icelandic (Samúel Jón Gunnarsson)
Brazilian Portuguese (Leonardo Peixoto)
Spanish (Javier Bravo)
Danish (Lars Dybdahl)
Version 1.2.1
- Windows: Poedit window now accepts files dropped on it via drag'n'drop
- added more translations:
Georgian (Aiet Kolkhi)
Romanian (Ovidiu Constantin)
Catalan (Pau Bosch i Crespo)
- reworked Traditional Chinese translation (Leo Liaw)
- fixed bug when empty error text was shown if msgfmt reported error
- moved "Shaded translations list" from preferences into the View menu
- Windows: allow coexistence of multiple Poedit versions on same system
Version 1.2.0
- fixed bug in catalog updater: didn't use default keywords if none specified
- added a warning if no files were found during catalog update
- fixed "Copy original to translation field" to do exact copy
- added more translations:
Tamil (Prabu Anand)
Bulgarian (Dimitar Boyn)
Swedish (Simon Bohlin)
Slovak (Pavol Cvengros)
- fixed Turkish translation (wrong catalog included by mistake)
- Linux: RPMs are no longer provided in Mandrake and RedHat flavors, they
were unified into single RPM (mdk menu support was _not_ lost by this)
- fixed data loss when updating catalog with invalid entries
- Windows: fixed toolbars look on Windows XP
- Windows: the installer no longer requires Administrator priviledges
Version 1.1.10
- fix to "fixes to catalog charset handling" from 1.1.9
- Unix: configure now checks for db4 in addition to db and db3
- Windows: fixed launching Poedit via associations when long filenames
were involved
- added more translations:
Polish (Arkadiusz Lipiec)
Norwegian Nynorsk (Karl Ove Hufthammer)
Turkish (Hakki Dogusan)
Latvian (Artis Trops)
Italian (Pino Toscano)
Version 1.1.9
- fixes to catalog charset handling
- Linux: added Mandrake RPM packages
- added translations to more languages:
Estonian (Joosep-Georg Jarvemaa)
Dutch (Patrick Hubers)
German (Bernd Böckmann)
French (Lionel Allorge)
Croatian (Mladen Mintakovic)
Version 1.1.8
- fixes to editable list control
Version 1.1.7
- fixed a bug that prevented direct opening of files in editor from working
- fixed Find dialog (didn't select found entries in the list)
- Poedit 1.1.6 package contained out-of-date by mistake,
this is fixed now
- added an option to disable list rows shading
- minor UI tweaks
- added Chinese (zh_TW) translation (Ying-Chieh Liao)
- several fixes related to handling of directory names with spaces
- fixed lauching Poedit with filename as the argument
Version 1.1.6
- support for Windows XP native look & feel
- Win32 version is now Unicode-enabled
- fixes to the way multiline entries are stored in .po file
- i18n support in the app itself (finally!)
(so far only Czech translation is available, translators welcome!)
- added an option to display .po file line numbers for catalog entries
- fixed crash when browsing certain source files
- added ability to open refered source files directly in the editor of
choice instead of in built-in files viewer
- Windows: fixed wrong placement of progress indicator in the status bar
- Unix: man page is now installed
- Unix: Poedit now links with libdb-3.x for x > 1, too
- Linux: RPM package now comes in two favors: poedit and poedit-semistatic
(the latter is statically linked against wxGTK and libdb)
Version 1.1.5
- upgraded to link against any of libdb-3.{1,2,3}
- Windows: fixed bug when editing entries in editable listbox control
- updated ISO 639-1 table
- visually improved listbox
- Win32 binary package is now cross-compiled with Mingw32
- fixed Unix makefile to not attempt to install KDE and/or GNOME entries
if you doesn't have neccessary write permissions
Version 1.1.4
- fixed bug in Search when looking for strings with non-ASCII
characters in them
- charset combobox in catalog settings now remember values
Version 1.1.3
- added ability to edit comments
- nicer icons by Dean S. Jones
- new source code references browser
- new keyboard navigation
- various UI improvements and bugfixes
- added catalogs manager for easier access to translator's files
- updated documentation
Version 1.1.2
- fixed incorrect update of TM database path setting from preferences dialog
- fixed assertion failures with empty catalog files when right-clicking
the list control
- changed default TM DB path to something more sane under Windows
- Windows: fixed directories traversal during TM update under Windows
Version 1.1.1
- added support for semi-automatic translations using translation memory
concept. Translation memory is an indexed database of all string-translation
pairs found in the system, plus algorithm to retrieve similar strings from
the database. Poedit can dig translations from PO, MO and RPM files.
- implemented search
- Poedit source code is now documented with Doxygen
- Windows: HTML Help documentation now uses CSS and looks much better
- better keyboard navigation
Version 1.1.0
- support for UTF-8
- changes to make Poedit work correctly with gettext 0.10.37
- fixed default ISO charset names to be iso-8859-n instead of iso8859-n
- new ability to save catalogs in all common CR/LF formats, plus
an option to preserve file's format (default values: Unix and preserve)
- added fullscreen mode
Version 1.0.3
- fixed comments parsing bug (reported by Mattias Dahlberg)
- Windows: fixed ugly blinking when resizing Poedit window
Version 1.0.2
- Unix: fixed problem with localized versions of gettext
- fixed Content-Transfer-Encoding header (was "8-bit" instead of "8bit")
- fixed POT-Creation-Date and PO-Revision-Date date writing
- better handling of \n: strings with \n in them are now both
displayed and saved to .po file as multiline records
- saving catalog now preserves comments
- Unix: fixed dist makefile target
Version 1.0.1
- fixed loading of catalogs with multiline msgid records
- fixed assertion failure in parsers info saving if ~/.poedit
did not exist [harmless, in debug builds only]
- right-clicking list control now selects the item under cursor
- Unix: fixed docs/ to cd correctly
- Unix: configure change: better check for wxWidgets
- Linux: fixed RPM spec file
- Unix: added integration with KDE and GNOME desktops
Version 1.0.0
- initial release
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