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The repo is actively developed, and you are welcome to submit feature requests and pull requests. Issues are the best place to look for contribution ideas.

If you want to work on something, just create a discussion thread (on PRs/issues) and we will help you get started.

Repo structure

The repo has three parts:

  1. Main extension code in TypeScript, in src/**
  2. Webview UI code, written with Vue.js, in src/webview/**
  3. OAuth service, built with the Serverless framework, in oauth-service/**


Open the project inside VS Code, and start debugging (F5). This will launch a new VS Code window (the extension development host) with the development code. See this guide to get started with development.

When you run a debug session, the npm run watch task starts up. This watches for file changes, recompiles, and you can reload the extension development host window to get the new code.

Known issue

The watch command does not watch for CSS file changes. This means if you make changes to the src/ui/static.css file, you need to restart the npm run watch command manually. Best to make CSS changes live, with the Chrome dev tools, and then make file changes.


The code is styled with Prettier.


npm run test

Tests can only be run when VS Code is not running. If you want to run tests alongside development, use VS Code Insiders for development.

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