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from adxl345 import ADXL345
import time
import math
import socket
sock = socket.socket(socket.AF_INET,socket.SOCK_DGRAM)
#TODO Change the hard coded addr to a function that will find the server
server_address =('',1234) #Enter your IP of ethernet connection not Pi's IP
rollpitch = ""
adxl345 = ADXL345()
while True:
axes = adxl345.getAxes(True)
x = axes['x']
y = axes['y']
z = axes['z']
#calculation of tilt
roll = y/(math.sqrt(z*z + x*x))
rolldeg = math.atan(roll)*(180/(math.pi))
rolldeg = round(rolldeg,2)
pitch = x/(math.sqrt(z*z + y*y))
pitchdeg = math.atan(pitch)*(180/(math.pi))
pitchdeg = round(pitchdeg,2)
rollpitch = str(rolldeg) + " " + str(pitchdeg)
print rollpitch
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